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In Honour of Japan

I went on a ramble about Japan yesterday! And guess what Husband found in the back of the cupboard? A western version of a Japanese staple! It was given to me by one of my fave people on Earth and I meant to open it but then forgot. I have been snacking on it all day! So good.   It’s…

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Creating an Independent Human.

I failed to write a blog post a day *sad face!!* because I didn’t come on yesterday. I had a headache, Izzy was hacking up a lung, and Hunter had to go to the dr yesterday. He had a temp of 104F and we found out he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy was feverish for 4 full…

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November Means Christmas Planning

Today feels like a Sunday. In our adorable fourth floor walk-up townhouse (that means stairs between every floor, if you’re wondering), my family is busy doing various things. My Husband worked from home today and the kids are home sick from school, which totally made it feel like a Sunday. We all spent most of the day in our pajamas…

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A Six Year Old View of Australia

All she talks about is animals and her goal is to “either be a singer on a stage or work at the zoo” .  That dream should change about a million times from now until she is working. Any way, so she mentions Australia. I don’t know what got in to my head but I asked her if she wanted…

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Respect for a Squirrel

I have a confession to make. Well two I guess. I don’t really like squirrels. But I have a lot of respect for one. I dislike most rodent-like or rodent animals. There are exceptions. I had a school friend who owned a large white rat and when I looked in to her pink eyes, I fell in love. She used…

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October’s Autumn Colours

Oh Hi October. You are halfway finished already. The wind has blown most of the leaves off of the trees outside but at the beginning of the month weren’t you a celebration! A splendor of colour that lifted the spirits and was drunk up by the eyes. I love you, October. I used to dread you and the end of…

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Isabella’s Fifth Birthday

In the not-so-distant past… Today I had Izzy. On that day she isn’t even born yet….. I am in super painful back labour, and telling the doctors there is no way I can go through with this. But thanks to miracle drugs of the modern world I was able to relax and get through it. On the original birth day…

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Hunter is Funny: Quotes from My Toddler

A quick quote from my toddler for you. Hunter fell asleep on the way home in the car yesterday. I undid his car seat and got him inside without waking him up. I went upstairs, laid him in bed and successfully got his hat, boots and nearly his coat off. As I took off the last arm, he woke up.…

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Summer Bucket List

Never mind New Year’s Resolutions. Spring is it. Spring is the season when we all renew our vows to ourselves that we will become fitness gurus. Just now the timeline has shortened. We realize in a panic that since our Christmas bingeing we did not keep our promise to ourselves to stick to the detox/get a personal trainer/run ten miles…

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