October’s Autumn Colours

Oh Hi October. You are halfway finished already. The wind has blown most of the leaves off of the trees outside but at the beginning of the month weren’t you a celebration! A splendor of colour that lifted the spirits and was drunk up by the eyes. I love you, October. I used to dread you and the end of the hot weather. Now I love when the wind blows those cool kisses on my face and I can bundle up in creative toques and scarves. I feel embraced by the smells of autumn in you, October, as they have grown and exploded since September. That sun! The gorgeous autumn sun, a soft spotlight which only adds to the ambiance. Your brilliant colours are just as comforting as a hug and I thrill to gaze upon them from my kitchen window.  The leaves fall like confetti from the sky, a party from the gods. On the ground your leaves get kicked and stomped, as if part of a brilliant dance performance. People carry hot chocolate in their hands and crunch the gorgeous leaves, leaving behind a trail of fresh smells and joyous sounds. I met the love of my life on the 28th day of your month, October. He came in from the cold night air dressed as Hunter S Thompson and I fell in love instantly. Thanks to Halloween, which I before didn’t like. I didn’t like that it signaled the end of summer and the coming of winter around the corner. That fateful night changed all that. The fall colours seemed more brilliant that year and do still. I love the clothes of October. Comforting tones and leggings and scarves and skirts and cute soft jackets to bundle up in. Warm boots or moccasins. A warm drink in the hands, a cool breeze on the cheeks and the crisp smell of autumn leaves. I love you October and I always will.


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