Me, my great littles, and my amazing husband.

Hello, my name is Tianna and I’m the voice of Babbling Panda…

I’m a Canadian mom living life in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The easiest way to describe myself is by using TV characters. (Yes, I have watched and do watch quite a bit of television! I love the escapism. How about you?) I identify most with Calista Flockhart’s character, Ally McBeal, on the show Ally McBeal and Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess Day, on the show New Girl.

I’m clumsy, love metaphors, and have a rich imaginative daydream world I can escape to, like Ally McBeal. And I’m a nerdy empath who loves crafting and musicals, feels socially awkward a lot of the time, blurts out what I’m thinking, and always steps into the role of mediator during conflict, like Jess Day.

My favourite childhood reads were the Little House on the Prairie series, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series, and the Little Women series. Did you read a lot as a kid?

I loved going to Okema Beach to visit my grandparent’s lakefront cabin every summer. Being able to swim all summer and explore the forest shaped who I am. I feel spoiled that I got to bike freely, identify plants, pick fresh berries, play in sand, and encounter all kinds of animals up close: black bears, moose, deer, geese, ducks, hummingbirds, and chipmunks, to name some!

I was also obsessed with making lists (of anything and everything) or creating collages (most of them “vision boards” or “mood boards”) while listening to music. I did, and do, listen to a variety of music. My Grandpa used to wind up his gramophone player and play 1900-1920’s jazz and 1930- ?’s blues and pop music for me. As a teen I liked everything from the Bee-Gees to The Beach Boys to Motown to Rancid to Smashing Pumpkins. Now I listen to everything. I can name a fave from every genre, I think. Is music a big part of your life?

I grew up in Saskatchewan but have lived in Japan and B.C. before settling in Alberta. I met my soulmate soon after moving here. I now have two beautiful kids, a boy and girl, and my “pinch me” dream life.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English literature with the intention of pursuing journalism. I didn’t get into the school I wanted and I didn’t end up a journalist. But I’m glad. I don’t think that was meant to be my path.

I recently learned that I have ADHD, OCPD, and social anxiety. All of that makes sense to me, now, and I’m glad I caught it. I was assessed after learning that my kids are gifted; one with ADHD and one with autism. I take meds and so does my daughter- it’s been the right choice for us!

Other than “mom-ing”, I fill my days with my love of cleaning, organizing, decorating, writing, painting, thrifting, moon magic, reading, and trying to do this “adulting” thing. Does anyone else with kids have the feeling of imposter syndrome as an adult parent?

I’m a cat mom, lover of the forest who adores hiking in it, a fan of glamping, playing board games, butterflies, & the smell of vintage books.

Oh, and I love babbling….rambling on and on….can you tell? 😛

Let’s get real and share some real talk about parenting exceptional kids with incredible love. I hope you find a sense of community here.

I’d love to introduce you further to my kids:

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You can check out more of what I love, through my other fave interweb hangouts:

Add me to IG: @babblingpanda

On Pinterest I’m: Babbling Panda-Tianna

Let me know if you have any questions! I love to hear about you, too. <3

Submission Requests:

Want to write for me?

Please read the guidelines –>HERE<– first. NO LINK SUBMISSIONS OR ADVERTISEMENT ARTICLES, PLEASE. Original, unpublished articles only, please. You do not need to be a professional- if you have a viewpoint you want to share, just let me know. If you think your writing is a good match, contact me to contribute. Looking forward to it.

Want me to write for you?

I was a contributor for The Sheaf, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, MindBodyGreen and several online zines and blogs. I specialize in writing about parenting, mental health, and living gluten-free. I would be willing to contribute, just ask!

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