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Oh, hello and welcome!

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Babbling Panda is run by myself, Tianna, in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am a mom of two amazing children who I raise with my husband, Josh.


I love the city of Calgary, my adopted hometown, especially when I have the time to be outdoors. It’s cool we’re close enough to the mountains that we can trail hike on the weekends as a family. The trees are my “spirit animals” and always put me in a good mood. I’m proud to be a “tree-hugger”! I love to find ways to live a sustainable life and get kind of geeky about my research on it.

Food is also a passion in my life! I spend a lot of time thinking about food and planning meals, since I have to eat strategically. The gluten-free life is mine since I contracted severe food poisoning three years ago. Although I believe I have always been gluten-sensitive, the bout of food poisoning really wrecked my gut and pushed me over the edge.

Now, I am severely gluten-intolerant and get very sick when I eat it. My gut villi are also destroyed so I have to be very careful with my eating. I like to explore interesting ways to cook gluten-free and gut healthy foods. You can check out my fave recipes and shopping tips on my blog. And if you have any tips for me, I would love to hear them!! I am fairly new to this eating lifestyle.



My kids are my life. They are the hearts beating outside of my body and my everything. Sometimes I love them so much I feel that I could burst- other times I consider selling them to the circus, haha. Really. No, not really. But it is tempting when they start fighting. All the parents out there agree, right? Just kidding! Seriously though- I love them so much. Both of them are old souls and are highly-sensitive. My daughter and my son are highly attuned, intuitive and sensory sensitive. I write a lot about their unique and wonderful qualities in my blog posts.



I have a B.A. in English from the University of Saskatchewan and worked on their newspaper, The Sheaf, during my time there.

Beyond blogging, I have contributed writing to a few other sites, most notable being MindBodyGreen, Harness Magazine and Inspire Transformation. I also wrote a travel column for the Star Phoenix in 2001 about my travels in Japan and have won several writing contests.

Join me for gluten-free and gut friendly recipes, tips on sustainable living and stories about raising highly-sensitive (and sassy!!) kids. I hope you will enjoy our adventures and share your own in the comments.


You can find me on social media:

Or you can email any inquiries to: tiannamorison@gmail.com.


Here is Babbling Panda’s Terms and Conditions and our  Privacy Policy.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the site! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.




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