Creating an Independent Human.

I failed to write a blog post a day *sad face!!* because I didn’t come on yesterday. I had a headache, Izzy was hacking up a lung, and Hunter had to go to the dr yesterday. He had a temp of 104F and we found out he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy was feverish for 4 full days. His fever broke today at his nap-time and I have never felt such relief!! Isabella has the strongest immune system. This cough is the longest she has been sick. She gets a cold here and there but usually a kid in her class with the same cold will have it for 7 days and Izzy will have it for two. Hunter is not so lucky and is really, really prone to ear infections. Apparently I was the same way as a child. In fact, since the 80’s were so fond of fast fixes and medication, my baby book is full of “gave Tianna soap enema today, will see if it works” or “started Tianna on meds for sore throat/ear infection”. Exciting childhood hey?

Isabella has discovered Pokemon games. She is not that interested in learning to read. There is a lot of reading in the Pokemon RPG she has found so hopefully it will encourage interest in reading and the importance of words. I was reading by now. Her friend Hannah is reading small books already (“with no pictures even!” Izzy has exclaimed) and Izzy is baffled. Izzy seems to like numbers better. They are more predictable to her and somehow that seems comforting. She is always seeing how high she can count or trying to add or subtract number combinations. She talks a lot more about the science and math projects she does in school than the reading ones. She does love art a lot though so it will be interesting to see what keeps her intrigued in the coming years of school! I am very excited to see what she does with what she learns. I don’t try to mold her or expect her to become anything. It’s too soon to tell and she will be what she will be. I am creating an independent human, not a mindless mini-me bent on pleasing me rather than finding out who she is!


Enough ranting I suppose.


Talk to you all tomorrow!!

(Before I go, I have not failed in my exercise plan and have rediscovered my love of yoga and weight training)



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