Summer Bucket List

DSCN0502Never mind New Year’s Resolutions. Spring is it. Spring is the season when we all renew our vows to ourselves that we will become fitness gurus. Just now the timeline has shortened. We realize in a panic that since our Christmas bingeing we did not keep our promise to ourselves to stick to the detox/get a personal trainer/run ten miles every day. (Unless you did, but then stop reading, this post isn’t for you). We also realize in a dread sweat that we have a much shorter timeline now to get the rock hard abs we dreamed of. We buy new trainers, workout clothes, books and videos in hopes that these cute and useful things will keep the workout fire stoked and we will finally have the lean and mean body we have always known lurked under the soft one we have now.

I am no better. This year I have found every downloadable app and video and fitness site possible and subscribed to any free thing that may motivate me. As a teen and college student I would look in a mirror and hate my sturdy shoulders, my tree trunk neck and ample hips. I wanted to spit in anyone’s face that called me voluptuous. How dare they! I wanted to be airy, ethereal, willowy…I yearned to be Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou. The result? Bouts of bulimia on and off through those years. Now I know that I am curvy and to embrace it, as long as embracing it doesn’t mean eating only pasta and Oreos while sitting on the couch and letting my stomach balloon in to a bouncy castle for my kids. Now I strive to be fit…to be able to hike without completely losing my breath, to climb those stairs swiftly, to run if I want to.

Now I am smarter. Yes, I didn’t work out as much as I should have this winter and I ate far more chocolate during the holidays than I said I would. But I have not failed. Will I have the body I want this summer? Probably not….but there will also be a next summer to get that (unless there is a sudden oncoming of the new Ice Age that I live in fear of….but that is another blog post altogether!), and there is no time like the present to start towards my goal. The weather is nicer and I will run more, be outside a lot and try to walk more often. I think it is that feeling of failure that make people give in to the nights of eating a full box of Oreos on the couch.

I am far behind on my blogging but my new priorities are as follows:






What are your summer goals? What’s on your summer bucket list?


  • Lindsay Palichuk May 21, 2013 at 20:50

    I loved this post! I was just having a similar conversation with some friends last night. I think we learn as young girls that there is one or two acceptable body types and everything else should be viewed as a failure worthy of eating disorders and low self esteem. I for one, do not want to pass that mindset on to my girls, so I have made the conscious effort not to beat myself up when I fall off the wagon; to get healthy by getting stronger – not skinnier, and to love my body and all of it’s flaws.
    My goals for this summer; make a better effort at working out to gain strength and endurance, spend as much time outside as possible with the kids, make time to get out of the city, and put housework closer to the bottom of my priorities (this one will be SO hard for me).

    • caffeinefueledfool May 24, 2013 at 19:36

      I always feel guilty if I’m not doing housework. Even if I finished the major things, I feel I should add more to my list instead of sitting. I never felt guilty taking breaks when I worked out of the house, but now that my job is my house I feel soooo guilty. And it’s all me making me feel this way, which is silly.


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