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Another day wasted. I feel well enough to not spend the day napping but not well enough to actually accomplish anything. I feel lazy. I plan to attempt yoga tonight with the hubby. Maybe it will help even if I’m not up to all of the moods. If you want to know what we do every night, it’s Jivamukti Yoga…

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A Short Comment About the Boston Marathon Tragedy.

I was sad to hear about the Boston Marathon. Guns and bombs seem to be the violence of choice these days. In Canada we worry about it far less than our neighbours to the South. And across the world in many other countries it is a daily occurrence and fear. As the blogger from “Apartment 34” says, “The tragedy in…

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Easter With My Kids

Easter is just a chocolate fest in our house. Isabella goes to a Christian preschool only because I want her to know the Bible stories from a devout Christian perspective. It’s not what I believe but it is a HUGE part of our culture and affects world-wide events. So it’s important she have a strong basis in religion and make…

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Dear Ryan Gosling: Take a Break If You Wanna

Dear Ryan Gosling. take a break if you wanna. I don’t know where girls got this crazy, you’re-the-only-heart throb attitude. You haven’t played a romantic character since The Notebook (which I wasn’t as crazy about as Crazy Stupid Love but have been told umpteen times to re-watch cuz apparently I missed something important). You have played a psycho, an obsessive…

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Birthday Year Resolutions.

Every year on my birthday I mentally make goals I want to keep or things I want to accomplish that year. I know most people use New Year’s, but what better time than the day you began to exist! <3 Tomorrow is my birthday so I have been thinking about my list. I usually just mentally make a list and…

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My Daughter Wants to be a Vampire

Isabella’s new stage is a vampire. We checked the book Vampirina Ballerina out of the library. It was life changing for her. It is about a little girl who is a vampire but who joins an evening ballet class with mortals. The little vampire girl is shy and has to try hard not to turn in to a bat. By…

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Her Room, Her Rules

My daughter’s room is full of dolls and snugglyfriends. She has a wooden crib that used to be mine as a child. She is currently using it to swaddle and tuck in her sloth snugglyfriends. The rest of her floor is a pile of dolls and blankets. When I tell her to clean up that mess she is astonished and…

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Mommy and Son Time

Every Thursday Izzy has an extra class in the afternoons. There isn’t enough time in the 45 minutes she’s learning to go home, so Hunter and I go across the street to the A&W to look at books and waste time.   Every time Hunter orders an apple juice and a muffin. I get a black coffee.   But for…

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My Kids Made Up “Nudie Cooper”.

My kids make up some weird sayings. Way out there sayings. I have to write more of them down. Some last for a day or a week. Some last for weeks on end. But first, back tracking a bit. Ever since Isabella has been old enough to talk and think up names they have been interesting. Just like her fashion…

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I Used To Be So Cool

I used to be so cool. I’d wear my Dad’s work boots and climb trees with the boys. I used to be so cool. I used to play Little House on the Prairie, even when playing with boys and make them be the girl characters too.  I was very assertive and convincing. I used to be so cool that I…

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