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Creating an Independent Human.

I failed to write a blog post a day *sad face!!* because I didn’t come on yesterday. I had a headache, Izzy was hacking up a lung, and Hunter had to go to the dr yesterday. He had a temp of 104F and we found out he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy was feverish for 4 full…

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Respect for a Squirrel

I have a confession to make. Well two I guess. I don’t really like squirrels. But I have a lot of respect for one. I dislike most rodent-like or rodent animals. There are exceptions. I had a school friend who owned a large white rat and when I looked in to her pink eyes, I fell in love. She used…

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Summer Bucket List

Never mind New Year’s Resolutions. Spring is it. Spring is the season when we all renew our vows to ourselves that we will become fitness gurus. Just now the timeline has shortened. We realize in a panic that since our Christmas bingeing we did not keep our promise to ourselves to stick to the detox/get a personal trainer/run ten miles…

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Life Update

I had an excellent day yesterday. First I had to take the guilt of having free time and being able to sit and pack it away in a dark recess of my brain. I put my guilt in a timeout. Yes sirree. Frequently it had to be shushed and put back in to its corner but eventually I did it.…

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Another day wasted. I feel well enough to not spend the day napping but not well enough to actually accomplish anything. I feel lazy. I plan to attempt yoga tonight with the hubby. Maybe it will help even if I’m not up to all of the moods. If you want to know what we do every night, it’s Jivamukti Yoga…

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A Short Comment About the Boston Marathon Tragedy.

I was sad to hear about the Boston Marathon. Guns and bombs seem to be the violence of choice these days. In Canada we worry about it far less than our neighbours to the South. And across the world in many other countries it is a daily occurrence and fear. As the blogger from “Apartment 34” says, “The tragedy in…

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Dear Ryan Gosling: Take a Break If You Wanna

Dear Ryan Gosling. take a break if you wanna. I don’t know where girls got this crazy, you’re-the-only-heart throb attitude. You haven’t played a romantic character since The Notebook (which I wasn’t as crazy about as Crazy Stupid Love but have been told umpteen times to re-watch cuz apparently I missed something important). You have played a psycho, an obsessive…

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Birthday Year Resolutions.

Every year on my birthday I mentally make goals I want to keep or things I want to accomplish that year. I know most people use New Year’s, but what better time than the day you began to exist! <3 Tomorrow is my birthday so I have been thinking about my list. I usually just mentally make a list and…

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LOL is in the Dictionary?!

My husband told me “LOL” is going to be entered in to the dictionary. I’m all for keeping the dictionary current but this is ridiculous. I hate that people use LOL at all, except for in chat rooms or in texts.   And even beyond that it is more of a phrase than a word!   Are we getting more…

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New Year, New Hopes

1. I will post at least once a week on this blog. 2. I will be more consistent in my parenting. 3. I will try to be more organized. But if things fall by the wayside cuz I was too busy playing with the kids, or doing something creative, I will not beat myself up over it. Just because a…

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