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DSC00188I had an excellent day yesterday. First I had to take the guilt of having free time and being able to sit and pack it away in a dark recess of my brain. I put my guilt in a timeout. Yes sirree. Frequently it had to be shushed and put back in to its corner but eventually I did it.

I went to my ultrasound appointment, got a clean bill of health and came home. I checked the interwebs for news, found some good news stories and then some sad ones so I turned it off (who wants to read about kids getting in to accidents when yours aren’t by your side at the moment?) and went in to the kitchen. It was nearly lunch time. Then I saw a birthday card I wanted to frame. I had become those books! “If you give a mouse a cookie/a moose a muffin/ a pig a party” except that instead of having a cookie and wanting some milk, it was “if you give a mom free time, she is going to wander around aimlessly. if she wanders around aimlessly she is going to see a framing project. if she finds a framing project she is going to want frames and some scissors. Once the pictures and cards are framed she is going to need a piece of wall to frame it. you will have to move some photos around….” etc. I swear that book could be a hit!(I could totally write a children’s book.) So I did that for an hour….

I then made a list of other stuff I hoped to accomplish and left it on the counter before taking my lunch outside to my new patio set. I brought my book and my headphones. I meant to watch the time and be out there for 30 mins. Two glasses of wine, a bowl of pasta and many pages read later it seemed two hours had suddenly whizzed by. I was too hot so came inside. I had been out there until 2 pm. Hottest part of the day so it’s a good thing I came in.

Since I barely drink I was tipsy and dehydrated when I came in. Next on my list was to clean the bathroom but I decided I would do it later when the house cooled down. It was 28C out! Which is hot for us this time of year and none of us are acclimatized yet. Instead I drank 2 bottles of water. Then I pulled the curtains in the living room that are specially designed to keep heat out and cool in and turned on Macklemore. Dance party! There is nothing better than screaming lines to “Can’t Hold Us” while jumping around.  I danced like a dork to five songs and had a blast. My cats were not amused. I was!

After that I was exhausted. I spent a bit of time emailing family and adding songs to the IPod, then decided to catch up on some of my “stories” . I watched two hours of Grey’s Anatomy while sipping cranberry juice and shushed that guilt voice reminding me I have a ton of laundry to do before this weekend.

Needless to say nothing off of my list got done.  It was a good day.

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