Another day wasted. I feel well enough to not spend the day napping but not well enough to actually accomplish anything. I feel lazy. I plan to attempt yoga tonight with the hubby. Maybe it will help even if I’m not up to all of the moods. If you want to know what we do every night, it’s Jivamukti Yoga DVDs. And they are amazing. That may help get things in line so this stomach bug dies. It’s just an annoyance at this point and I am no longer contagious but it makes me want to shout, enough already!!!

On an unrelated note, I have wasted most of today’s kids nap looking up Rockabilly fashion. I LOVE IT. I feel like it is Rock meets Pinup. But reading more about it and I am hesitant to try it. I am not ensnared enough in the music and the culture to want to give it a try. These people are hardcore about the music, philosophy and background of it and I wouldn’t want to offend. I wouldn’t want to be a poseur. Although the style is pretty accepted by culture now and very prominent in stores. I dunno, do I jump right in?


That’s all for now.


X Ti

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