Birthday Year Resolutions.

Every year on my birthday I mentally make goals I want to keep or things I want to accomplish that year. I know most people use New Year’s, but what better time than the day you began to exist! <3

Tomorrow is my birthday so I have been thinking about my list.

I usually just mentally make a list and promptly forget it or roll the whole thing over to the next year. But this year I am making it more realistic and publicly declaring it.

My Birthday Year Goals:

1. Learn how to bake properly.

2. Learn to do tree pose without wobbling. Learn 2 more advanced poses and increase flexibility and stability as a result.

3. Learn to crochet more complex patterns.

4. Blog and write more. Write poetry again.

5. Meditate more.

6. Bring more music in to my children’s lives.

7. Colour more. Especially when the kids are in the mood!

8. Fill up the freezer with casseroles once this year.

9. Start travel fund.

10. Learn 10 sentences in another language.

There! It’s ambitious. Maybe not for you, but for me it is.  I will focus on them separately maybe and I will be happy if 5 get accomplished to the fullest. 😀 I am excited to be 33. I am healthy and have a great life so time to stop worrying about the stupid things (how clean the house is, whether my  furniture is pretty enough) and time to start singing, writing, dancing, meditating,  and playing more. A lofty goal that I’m sure everyone is always trying to achieve.


(If anyone has yoga pose suggestions or awesome crochet patterns to try, please lemme know! )

And want to add another goal… Be more adventurous with fashion and be more creative with makeup. 🙂

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