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Hello All.   As promised I am going to blog more often. Yesterday my brain wouldn’t shut off with ideas and I realized my creative spirit is awakening from hibernation! Hurray. I don’t usually use Tarot Cards as more than a game, but before our Cuba trip, I was reorganizing and I dropped the cards as I moved them over.…

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Looking Back to July: Saskatchewan Roadtrips

This summer we went to the prairies, twice. Once to Northern Saskatchewan and one to Southern Saskatchewan. The one to the north was to visit Spiritwood, Saskatchewan and to stay with my best friend and her family. If you have never been to the prairies you should at least once. I know that the mountains get all of the fame,…

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Summer Trip to My Mom’s House

Last week we went to my mom’s house for a summer visit. She lives in Saskatchewan, where there have been wildfires this year! Despite the smoke being blown in to her area, we still managed to enjoy the hot weather outside…although sometimes it became too hot for us. My mom lives in a small town of about 20 people. It…

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A Saskatchewan Vacation to Visit Friends

So I grew up in Saskatchewan and during University I ended up needing a place to stay and found a townhouse with a friend. Well, really, if I’m to be honest, a frenemy.  BUT she was living with this fantastic girl that was destined to become one of my bestest friends ever. And this summer we had the privilege of…

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Sun & Salsa Festival 2013

  So this weekend was packed but wonderful. Basically, if I am allowed to sleep in for more than an hour I am happy. On Friday night I think we just did movie night at home, enjoying “Home for The Holidays”. (Our Friday night movie theme this time is Robert Downey Jr’s movies. Before that was all of the Bond…

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“Maude” and “Lloyd” go on an Adventure

My friend Randey and I go on outings. Silly things. Like the stuffed gopher museum and other things even seniors would enjoy. Nerdy outings. Visiting ghost towns or checking out diners. I have a soft spot in my heart for diners and 50’s fashion….but this time we went to a thrift shop type store. On our trips we go by…

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Thrift Shopping Finds

My daughter is mad at me. She is super angry that we thought Isabella was a more suitable name than Wonder Woman. What a kid. She is always entertaining us with random comments like this one. The other day I got to go thrifting with my friend Randey. Except on our outings that could only be loved by nutballs like…

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Kalispell, Montana. Part 3.

Day Three, February 12, 2012. Our Final Day of the Trip! Our last day in Kalispell! We had to get going that day, so after a quick breakfast in the lobby (blueberry muffins and coffee again, with a tiny bowl of Froot Loops on the side), we got going. We talked to the desk girl a little about the sad…

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Kalispell, Montana. Part 2.

Day Two, February 11, 2012 After our long baths and some quiet reading (we are both voracious readers) the first day, we slept fitfully and we were wrenched from our sleep by the alarm. We threw on some clothes and I put on a toque to hide my morning hair before heading down to see what the free breakfast offered…

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Our Trip to Kalispell, Montana. Part 1.

Day One, February 10, 2012. I am sitting here eating some of the sausage and garlic pizza leftover from our trip. It was just one of the highlights from our trip, bought at Moose’s Saloon. But more about that later. My wonderful MIL (Mother in Law) and her BFF Tracy gave us a wonderful gift. They took our kids, ages…

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