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As promised I am going to blog more often. Yesterday my brain wouldn’t shut off with ideas and I realized my creative spirit is awakening from hibernation! Hurray. I don’t usually use Tarot Cards as more than a game, but before our Cuba trip, I was reorganizing and I dropped the cards as I moved them over.

“As if I have time for this!” my mind shouted, as I played 52 (+) pick-up and glanced over at the halfway packed suitcases.  When I picked up one card it was like an electric jolt to the brain and I flipped it over to look at the picture that seemed to have something to say to me. It was the:

Page of Pentacles

“Page of Pentacles/Princess of Disks: Testing your Talents”….and according to my book, the power of this card is:

“This card tell you that you have a wonderful opportunity to rediscover and reevaluate your practical skills. Ashes (carbon) and diamonds are made up of the same combination of chemicals, and in this sense, they are identical. But the different pressures they were exposed to in the earth brought about very different results. The same is true for your practical talents and skills. Certain stressful situations will help develop new skills, while others lose their importance.

The inconspicuous also hides the conspicuous, the essential, and the typical. That is important now. Test your values and your value system. By redefining what is essential and what is inconsequential, you are elevating the gold that was lying in the street…and seizing your diamond…Your inner wealth now has new value.”

Although it could have been a coincidence, it couldn’t be more fitting to my current mindset. There are a million ways to interpret these cards, as you know, but I took it as a sign to quit fussing and start DOING. I have to stop laying in the ashes and moaning about how hard it is to; get started, get recognized, get confidence, and instead take the pressures of my life and get them to work FOR me, rather than against. I need to develop my creative skills and start to do my writing more. Let that creative side breathe, as it were. Also, on the flip side, to let my practical skills shine and let myself admit that I am good at those. It’s time to reevaluate what is essential in my life- both in my practical life and in my creative one. This also ties in to the fact that I am obsessed with getting rid of what isn’t essential in my life through decluttering. I only want to own what is precious to me and quit keeping the other stuff “just because”. It’s working. I got rid of all the clothes that don’t make me smile, and I have stopped binge buying cheap clothes because they “might work”.

This mindset also extends to my blog. I had a pretty broad view of what I wanted to say in my blog- what overall vision I had for it. Now I know more of what I want to focus on and I have researched blogs I love with the thought “why??”. Why do I love those blogs? What about those blogs keeps me coming back? It has definitely created a vision of the direction I want my blog to be going… and what is important to me.

So I will let you in on the direction my blog is going to take from now on, which will still be a lot of general babbling, but in categories- haha!

My family used to laugh at me while I was growing up because I was addicted to making lists. It is probably why I am drawn to planners and journals even now. So they will laugh at this, because here comes another list. It is where my blog is headed, which is very similar to what it was, but more organized (I hope).

  1. First of all will be posts in this new category, Bamboo Tea Time. I love peeking in to other people’s lives. I feel like I know that person and can understand their blog a whole lot better. I am drawn to blogs that are written by people with the same type of lifestyle, same sense of humour, or have a lifestyle I aspire to. So here is that opportunity for you! I will share personal anecdotes, family stories, or general journal-like entries. A weekly peek in to my home life.
  2. Fit me. This will continue on my blog and will be my health and fitness journey. Get ready for a personal story of my bigger years and how I hope to never get that big again. I want to keep myself accountable and let you in on my fitness and health experiments- what worked and why the ones that failed didn’t work for me. I will try to write weekly about my journey.
  3. Make+Create. I have kids and have always loved crafting. I have been spotty about sharing until now, but get ready for recipes we try, crafts we make… and anything that helps me organize my stuff so I can find the stuff to create with! I will share the fails as well as the successes! This will be mostly visual posts. Ready for the messes and the (hopefully) smiles!? My goal is to make a craft or recipe once a month- we will have to see how it goes!
  4. Panda Passions. Passion is what I want to add even more of in my life, even if I already have a lot of it. Poetry, things I have loved, my garden project, funny or inspiring quotes (from my kids too!), books that filled my soul, and reviews will show up in this category once or twice a month.
  5. Wanderings. Being introverted homing-pigeon-types means we don’t seek out overseas travel that often(and our pocketbooks agree with this too), but we do go on the occasional day trip and I really enjoy being a tourist in my own city! So here I will add travels, tiny adventures, day trips and local sights whenever they happen. Stay tuned.

These are the things my mind buzzes around constantly and now you get to climb inside my head too. I hope you will enjoy the peek in to my brain and the new(ish) direction my blog is taking.


Much Love. x

I will write more soon. Bamboo Tea Time launches properly next week and I will be writing a Fit Me post every Friday! See you tomorrow….


  • Naomi Teeter May 3, 2016 at 18:44

    This is great! We all need to readjust our focus from time to time! And by the way, I think it was a divine message to you from the tarot card. Brushing it off would have been a mistake!

    I like your blog writing categories. Very interesting!!! I sometimes wish my website blog had a bit more structure. I often think about doing a journal type of entry from time to time. I’m think that might be fun to do once a month… although I already have my health coaching monthly review. A mid-month rant might be a good, authentic thing. 😉

    Keep writing, Tianna!

    • Tianna Wynne May 4, 2016 at 15:48

      You should do it!! It would let people get to know you and connect with you beyond your coaching and I think that people would adore it. I know I would! 🙂


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