Sun & Salsa Festival 2013


So this weekend was packed but wonderful. Basically, if I am allowed to sleep in for more than an hour I am happy. On Friday night I think we just did movie night at home, enjoying “Home for The Holidays”. (Our Friday night movie theme this time is Robert Downey Jr’s movies. Before that was all of the Bond films, and before that was all of Martin Scorsese films. We like themes.)

Saturday morning I got to wake up at 930 am. We decided to go to a wading pool. We chose Riley Park because there are trees for shade and even when it’s busy it isn’t too crowded. We got the kids packed up in the car and went the few blocks drive. Miraculously, found perfect parking. Hunter had said before we left, “I think I will be scared of the water today Mom”. When we got there he stuck to his promise and it took a lot of convincing for him to even get his feet wet! A mom saw us struggling. We hadn’t thought to bring any toys or floats for fun since we just wanted to be there a short time, but we should have. This mom was generous enough to share hers. Her little boy Cody is an only kid but almost better at sharing his toys than mine are! Aaaannnnddd he has the cutest thick head of tousled red hair you have ever seen!! She let Izzy use a Spiderman float and Hunter got to play with a Fisher Price plastic boat, which he never wanted to return. It was the perfect toy to get him sitting in the water and having fun. Thank goodness. Husband was thinking he would have to brave the heat and take him to the nearby park. The kids were champs. I chatted with Cody’s mom and Izzy and Hunter hung out with me or ran around with Dad. Tired and satisfied we went home to get the kids to nap. We put them upstairs and they did sleep a little. I relaxed on the couch playing Final Fantasy Tactics on our PSP and Josh took back bottles and got a few groceries.

We had a wonderful dinner and I went to meet up with an old friend. Emily has been away to go to University. I have missed her and even though she has been back since June we haven’t seen each other. I have been so busy and so has she! Why does summer always seem so busy? We walked around 17th Ave . 

We tried on dresses at one of my fave stores to go in and drool, Blame Betty. I was relieved (cuz I’m broke and can’t afford a new dress anyway) that I am in between sizes there. I am between a S and M or a M and L depending on the dress. This  gives me more motivation to lose those last 8 lbs! Emily, however, tried on SUCH a cute dress with flowers on it. She looked like a swing dancing pin-up princess.

After dress shopping we wandered a little bit but soon decided a beer is what we needed. We drank a couple of beers, ate some appetizers and talked until we nearly lost our voices. Our server didn’t rush us and it was amazing to see Emily again and just talk and talk. We were lucky with the weather and were able to sit on The Rose and Crown’s patio the whole time. I drove her home and got home at midnight. Had tea with Handsome Husband and then off to bed.

Sunday was the annual Sun and Salsa Festival! It’s definitely one of my faves in Calgary. Even though it gets really busy, it is usually okay in the morning and it is easy to take the C-Train to, so we don’t have to fight traffic. Once there we don’t feel like we are ever being squished by people. There is always a big crowd, but it seems simple enough to maneuver through. I love it. We get to walk around, hear music, see street performers and eat salsa and chips.

It started at 11am so Josh woke me up at 10am, that wonderful man! We took the train down and started to walk through the festival. The plan was to eat our bagged lunch and then do all of the festival.  This year the Calgary Food Trucks were there! I was so excited. Food trucks always make me so excited. It’s like seeing a celebrity, but better cuz they are supposed to talk to you and they feed you at the end of it. We went around and saw so many great and random things…like a punk bagpiper posing with a ….oh wait! I won’t wreck it. Just look at the photos below to see! As a hint, the bagpiper had just been playing the theme to Star Wars. We got really hot at about the 3 hour mark, since it had hit 2pm. The hottest and most humid part of that day! We hit up the ice cream truck for soft serve for the kids and the food truck, Fries and Dolls for Josh and I . We got the Farrah Fries and they were delicious. The service was impeccable too. Very sweet ladies running it. Once again, our 3rd time going, we had a wonderful time at the Festival. Hunter was super in to the salsa, drinking it straight out of the cups; and Izzy was just happy that she got a free pinwheel and a free pink balloon.

Then we went home, the kids had quiet time in their rooms and Josh and I had a beer on the patio.

Sunday night we did boring stuff. Josh and I just cleaned from 830pm – midnight, which is our weekly routine. Josh made a schedule and divided the rooms of our townhouse in half and we do a thorough clean of it. It’s amazing to wake up on Monday morning and not have any pressing cleaning to do so I can have a lazy day or focus on other things. Today I focused on laundry, 😛 Not very relaxing or lazy but, hey, I am out of underwear. Haha

All in all a great weekend. Packed with activities and everyone enjoyed themselves! <3

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