Lost Prairie Guest Ranch Visit

My family went off grid for a few days this summer:

And it was the best thing we ever did together.

Enter finding Lost Prairie Guest Ranch, in Montana.

Our daughter, Isabella was turning 11 years old and wanted “quality time with just the four of us”. Not toys, stuff, games or anything else, but time. Face time with the four of us- away from outside distractions, such as: visitors, door knockers, computers, texts, distractions of house cleaning…all of it. So, Josh went online and found an off-grid-away-from-the-city-Airbnb “glamping” cabin.

We drove to Marion, Montana, just outside of Kalispell and stayed in the cabin we booked online. Let me tell you, it was the most unique experience. The owners were amazing. They’re so warm and inviting, you feel like you found a long-lost aunt and uncle. We booked the homemade taco dinner ahead of time as Isabella’s birthday dinner and it was SO YUMMY. It came with freshly made mint lemonade which was so great after our long drive.

The couple owns a lot of animals, most of which are friendly and free to roam. Horses, cows, goats and dogs all came to visit us at the rustic cabin. I was worried about Hunter around the dogs since he gets anxious around them and it can cause stimming or panic attacks, but he was fine. By the end, he was calling them over to pet them or lay on them.

The dogs all seemed to pick their fave person and hang around them the most, plus “protect” us from noises with barks or leaning against us, ears up on alert. Roscoe is the oldest and picked me as a buddy, Then there was the youngest Diesel and the alpha dog Marley, who we rarely saw. Sylvie shared her time between Josh and Isabella and Peanut seemed to prefer Hunter.

Isabella saw the horses trot right past our front door early one morning and was allowed to sit on one the next day. We watched the goats play and soaked in the landscape over coffee and breakfast. It was truly idyllic. Stoking the wood fireplace, one that looked almost identical to the one we had in my grandparent’s cabin growing up, brought back so many comforting memories.

It’s rustic: No real cell signal, an outhouse for a bathroom, solar lights that wouldn’t stay charged for us and drinking water brought up in a jug from the main house…but that’s what made it so great.

Now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking of the Lost Prairie Guest Ranch.

Most are unedited but it will give you a feel for the inspiring landscape and cute cabin. I recommend checking out their site, as well.




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