Looking Back to July: Saskatchewan Roadtrips

This summer we went to the prairies, twice. Once to Northern Saskatchewan and one to Southern Saskatchewan. The one to the north was to visit Spiritwood, Saskatchewan and to stay with my best friend and her family.

If you have never been to the prairies you should at least once. I know that the mountains get all of the fame, but it is really relaxing on the prairies- especially on the lakes and at farms. There is a sense of peace as you look over rolling hills or endless fields. When you can stare out at land and trees for miles and miles before seeing the horizon line, you feel so small and insignificant. As a child, I stayed at my grandparent’s cabin every summer. One summer I watched a thunder storm roll in over the lake. You could see it from miles away, coming closer like a veil being dragged in front of an invisible being. So impressive to be able to watch that force come towards you over the water and flat land.

Growing up, I hated the prairies. I don’t think I appreciated them. I am a big city girl at heart, so there is no reason for me to live back in Saskatchewan long term, but I do appreciate it now when I visit. The people in Saskatchewan are different than the rest of Canada as well. There is something small and indescribable in the difference, even small differences in the words we use for certain things, but I remember feeling a bit “culture-shocked” when I moved out of my home province.

In short, it’s nice to go back sometimes! We had such a nice time in Saskatchewan, doing not a whole lot of anything. We loafed around the yard, went to the beach, had rainy day movie days, and went to the anniversary of a nearby town hall. At the town hall anniversary my best friend won a miniature horse named Lightning- only in small town Saskatchewan, I tell you.

Here are some of the pictures I got on my mobile while there. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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