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It’s Friday! I am exhausted. What a long week we had. I did a LOT of volunteering at the kid’s school, which meant my writing took a back seat (which I hate), but the kids loved it. I will post about my Children’s Festival and library adventures on Monday for you all to read, once I’ve had time to process and properly write it.


In the meantime, I did a great treadmill workout this week. I sped up when the music did so I could “dance along” and there were a few gems. Here are some of the highlights, thanks to Youtube.

1. Nas and Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, As We Enter:

I love this album that they did together. I wish they would do more. These two are a dream team and make some incredible music with powerful political messages in them. I love this one for the “take no crap” attitude and the perfect beat to keep time to on the treadmill. I chant the chorus with them out loud, to the terror of my family, I am sure. Haha. Enjoy! Consider adding it to your mix. The only bad part is that you have to repeat it a couple times because it is so short.


2. Alexisonfire, Boiled Frogs

Any Alexisonfire song works. I favour their album, Crisis, so if you don’t own anything, I recommend starting there. They are just power and a great push to keep you running or pushing through that last burpee. Not what they had in mind, I guess, but their lyrics are so powerful and the imagery so well put that it’s hard not to feel like you are made of pure adrenaline once a song starts. I miss this band terribly.


3. Tegan and Sara, Closer

Because not everything can be adrenaline pumping *rawr* music, I do occasionally soften it with some other music. I have loved Tegan and Sara since their first folk album, and still do now that they have branched out. This one has a good beat to keep you going during your workout. I like this one for a steep incline walk on the treadmill.



4. Gwen Stefani, Make me Like You

I started listening to No Doubt when I was 13 years old, and continue to love them today, so it follows that I would also love Gwen Stefani’s solo work. I love her voice. It’s unique and she has always written with her heart on her sleeve. This song is REALLY FUN to listen to on the treadmill. I adore this whole album and will continue to listen to it on repeat for the next half year, even after my family hates me for it. Haha. I love this song most of all because, if I was a song writer, this is the song I would have written for Josh the week we met. I was SO ready to take a break from dating and boys when I met him. I had just met a few really bad seeds when I moved here and I was mentally ready to be really single for a really long time. I vowed to swear off dating the very weekend that I met him. I remember being introduced to him and thinking, “Well, crap. This isn’t going to be a fling, is it. He is exactly my type and I can feel we will be forever.” I tried to avoid being in a relationship with him but it was inevitable. Our attraction was like a tractor beam, sucking us both in, and we were so well matched that we couldn’t deny it for long. So this song is perfect for reflecting on those days we first started dating, which are some of my fondest memories. I still feel as in love today. On another note, this video that Gwen made for it was done COMPLETELY live at the music awards on their stage, and that is insane. In an interview, she notes how tricky it was but what a rush, and also clarifies that it is a body double roller skating that fell, not her. What a feat to take on. They did it in one take on one stage with no breaks for costume changes or sound fixes. Amazing. Also, fun to work out to.


So those were my favourites this week. Kind of a silly post, but I thought I would share, as my tastes tend to run different for workout mixes. I hope you had a wonderful week, and I will have a big post on Monday about my crazy, exhausting, fun week volunteering.


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