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Didn’t We Have Easter Just Last Month?

When Covid-19 started, I had a feeling it would last years, and I felt ready for it. My optimism ruled. I love my home and, as a shy, socially awkward, introvert, hardly leave it, anyway. My thought was- how will my life really change? I would make a wonderful shut-in hermit type! Plus, I don’t live alone: I won’t be…

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Homeschooling Essentials for My Autistic Son.

My son has high-functioning autism (formerly known as Aspergers) and is participating in the guided homeschooling program. In Alberta, Canada, it’s called HUB learning. Deciding whether or not to send him to school this year was a tough choice! But, almost half a year in, I don’t have any regrets. The big deciding factor was the way Hunter stims. A…

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Fitness Trackers: Mini Mega-Motivators

Guest article written by Susan Doktor For moms, staying healthy is practically a full-time job of its own. Keeping up with doctors’ appointments. Making sure we’re up to date on the latest health news, from vital pandemic information to the evolving body of nutrition research. Then, once we figure out what we should be eating, we must shop for it…

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