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My Kids Learn How to Place a Call.

Do you know what I realized as I dropped the kids off at their grandma’s for a week? I haven’t taught my kids how to dial a phone, or make an emergency phone call! I am kind of appalled with myself. So…before I left grandma’s house for the long drive home, I taught the kids how to dial my phone…

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To New Moms

If I could write to all new moms I would say so many things. One of those things is that the biggest lie out there is it gets easier. You will just have to rise to new challenges. Some of these challenges will seem less, um, challenging than the last but it will never be easy. If it is easy…

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Little Nighttime Rituals

Isabella is a sensitive kid, just as I was when I was little, and maybe still am. As a sensitive person in an unpredictable world, she needs a certain amount of routine she can count on. I started a new night time ritual just so she would have a nice transition in to sleep. It all started when we were…

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A Six Year Old View of Australia

All she talks about is animals and her goal is to “either be a singer on a stage or work at the zoo” .  That dream should change about a million times from now until she is working. Any way, so she mentions Australia. I don’t know what got in to my head but I asked her if she wanted…

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Why Rewarding Expected Behaviour In Your Kids Is Wrong

I was on Pinterest today. There were so many pins and boards dedicated to motivating kids to do chores. A lot of the pins involved crafts to set up punch cards or checklists for chores, and at the end the child would receive a reward. I was thinking a sticker, or a family bike ride, a movie night,  or something…

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Isabella’s Fifth Birthday

In the not-so-distant past… Today I had Izzy. On that day she isn’t even born yet….. I am in super painful back labour, and telling the doctors there is no way I can go through with this. But thanks to miracle drugs of the modern world I was able to relax and get through it. On the original birth day…

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The Successor. Welcoming a New Cat.

Summer is always so busy. I find it busier than the school year. Days are filled with visitors, travel, day trips and play dates. I’ve been so busy that I temporarily fell off the fitness and yoga wagon. 🙁 But I’m back on it!! I started up again and the Husband and I are even planning on doing our yoga…

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Rest In Peace Simon Cat

We had to put Simon down. I am heartbroken and devastated. The vet agreed with my choice and we talked at length about it. He was beginning to act feral. He had even begun targeting Hunter’s things and hissing and scratching at Hunter. Some days he would hiss and scratch at us and act as if he had never seen…

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My Cat Has Behavioural Problems

I have a cat because dogs take a lot of attention and care. You need to pet them and walk them and kennel them when you are out so they don’t get pissed off and pee on your couch or rip up a pillow. But my cat Simon is being like that. We’ve decided we are going to take him…

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The Trouble with Cats.

There is so much conflicting advice on the internet about what to do with a cat that seems to have a behavioural problem. And believe me, I have tried it all. Well, all feasible options. My cat Simon is peeing in inappropriate places. Wait, that makes him sound like a flasher. Haha. Let me start at the beginning. Simon started…

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