My Kids Learn How to Place a Call.

Do you know what I realized as I dropped the kids off at their grandma’s for a week? I haven’t taught my kids how to dial a phone, or make an emergency phone call! I am kind of appalled with myself.

So…before I left grandma’s house for the long drive home, I taught the kids how to dial my phone number and reminded them how to make an emergency call…and also what constitutes an emergency, just in case they thought not being able to find a toy counted.

old telephone

The wonderful off-shoot of this life skill being taught? My daughter has phoned me TWICE to talk to me and update me. It is the cutest thing to answer the phone and hear her tiny voice say, “Hi Mommy. I just called to tell you how we are doing.” She is really good on the phone surprisingly. Iz has barely spoken on one her entire teeny tiny life. I love chatting with her on the phone! Izzy speaks really formally on the phone, to my bemusement- like a tiny 90-year-old British lady. It is both cute and amusing since I have no idea where it comes from. I don’t think I speak like that, and I know Iz’s grandma doesn’t. On the phone, my tomboy daughter says adorable things like, “We had a lovely day at the beach today. The weather was fine.” Heehee.

It is wonderful to hear how she is doing, and that she is having fun! The big news today was the dollar store trip and the trip to the beach.  I also got to speak with Hunter this time and he was very excited to update me. His excitement made him extra loud on the phone and I had to suppress a giggle.

I miss my kids so it was a joy to hear their voices and that they are having fun. Can’t wait to give them a big hug and hear it all in person.

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