Rest In Peace Simon Cat

We had to put Simon down.

I am heartbroken and devastated.

The vet agreed with my choice and we talked at length about it. He was beginning to act feral. He had even begun targeting Hunter’s things and hissing and scratching at Hunter. Some days he would hiss and scratch at us and act as if he had never seen us before in his life. The vet said if it is medical it would be something that would need intensive treatment and it would be an extensive process to find out. But she suspects I would have a lengthy vet bill to find out that nothing medical was wrong and it was just him going senile and feral. I was okay with him peeing all over my house, if we could find a reason and fix it. It was not okay when I wasn’t sure if my kids were safe alone in a room with him. He had decided to target Hunter mostly and would pee or spray on Hunter’s stuff every day. I had to change his bed every day and once Simon pooped on Hunter’s bed. Basically I was supposed to sit with Simon 200% of the time and ignore the kids. If I didn’t then the kids stuff or mine got peed on. In between that he would act as if he didn’t know us. I had tried everyone’s suggestions and nothing had worked. I had tried to find him a new home but everyone that was willing said “We’ll try but he pees once and he’s gone”. I thought about advertising him on Kijiji but…… It was like I was sending a troubled kid in to foster care and he would just get bounced around until someone decided to put him down anyway. (or WORSE! like hitting him or abandoning him on the side of the road etc. ). If that was gonna be the inevitable conclusion I wanted to be the one to spend his last moments with him, not have his last months or moments on earth stress filled and full of strangers.

So it was a sad decision and not one easily come to. We miss him a lot. I keep forgetting and patting my leg for him to jump up, which ends with me in tears.

I hope you are up in cat heaven with your friends and a ton of great food and catnip Simon. We love you.




  • Daniel M June 19, 2013 at 17:10

    I was looking forward to your blog entry after hearing about poor Simon, to find out what exactly happened.
    I am so sorry to hear this, Ti. Kitty Simon was so dear to you and your family.
    You tried so hard to accommodate everyone and make him better. You’ll have no regrets.
    I really admire how you handled everything.
    Just remember him as the wonderful kitty he was.
    He’s free from any suffering now. Big hugs.


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