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A Six Year Old View of Australia

All she talks about is animals and her goal is to “either be a singer on a stage or work at the zoo” .  That dream should change about a million times from now until she is working. Any way, so she mentions Australia. I don’t know what got in to my head but I asked her if she wanted…

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Isabella’s Fifth Birthday

In the not-so-distant past… Today I had Izzy. On that day she isn’t even born yet….. I am in super painful back labour, and telling the doctors there is no way I can go through with this. But thanks to miracle drugs of the modern world I was able to relax and get through it. On the original birth day…

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Hunter is Funny: Quotes from My Toddler

A quick quote from my toddler for you. Hunter fell asleep on the way home in the car yesterday. I undid his car seat and got him inside without waking him up. I went upstairs, laid him in bed and successfully got his hat, boots and nearly his coat off. As I took off the last arm, he woke up.…

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Easter With My Kids

Easter is just a chocolate fest in our house. Isabella goes to a Christian preschool only because I want her to know the Bible stories from a devout Christian perspective. It’s not what I believe but it is a HUGE part of our culture and affects world-wide events. So it’s important she have a strong basis in religion and make…

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My Daughter Wants to be a Vampire

Isabella’s new stage is a vampire. We checked the book Vampirina Ballerina out of the library. It was life changing for her. It is about a little girl who is a vampire but who joins an evening ballet class with mortals. The little vampire girl is shy and has to try hard not to turn in to a bat. By…

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Her Room, Her Rules

My daughter’s room is full of dolls and snugglyfriends. She has a wooden crib that used to be mine as a child. She is currently using it to swaddle and tuck in her sloth snugglyfriends. The rest of her floor is a pile of dolls and blankets. When I tell her to clean up that mess she is astonished and…

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Mommy and Son Time

Every Thursday Izzy has an extra class in the afternoons. There isn’t enough time in the 45 minutes she’s learning to go home, so Hunter and I go across the street to the A&W to look at books and waste time.   Every time Hunter orders an apple juice and a muffin. I get a black coffee.   But for…

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My Kids Made Up “Nudie Cooper”.

My kids make up some weird sayings. Way out there sayings. I have to write more of them down. Some last for a day or a week. Some last for weeks on end. But first, back tracking a bit. Ever since Isabella has been old enough to talk and think up names they have been interesting. Just like her fashion…

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