My Kids Made Up “Nudie Cooper”.

My kids make up some weird sayings. Way out there sayings. I have to write more of them down. Some last for a day or a week. Some last for weeks on end.

But first, back tracking a bit. Ever since Isabella has been old enough to talk and think up names they have been interesting. Just like her fashion choices. I let her pick out her outfits for the day and I gotta say, they are more Betsey Johnson…..

Fashion from a Betsey Johnson show.

Fashion from a Betsey Johnson show.

Betsey Johnson herself

Betsey Johnson herself

Than say, The Gap:

Ad Image from Gap Kids Canada

Ad Image from Gap Kids Canada

Her mind is interesting. So, too, is Hunter’s. He is less the artist and more of the comedian tho. He always wants to make people laugh. Other than that, he shadows and mimics hisĀ  big sister. As is expected from a younger sibling.

Ever since Isabella could pick names for things….be it a doll, a toy, a car….she has picked her own combination of words instead of a name name. When I occasionally give my own suggestions, “How about Phoebe or Jane? Charlotte or Samantha? “, she looks at me as if I was dropped hard on my head as a kid. “But Mom!” she replies, “that’s soooooo boring!!!!!!!!!” and then proceeds to name her doll or whatever something like “Flower Sparkle Sun Twirl” or “Red Lollipop Dancing” or “Candy Melt Sundrop”. A lot of the time it is the color the toy is, a distinguishing mark on its clothes or fur, and something she likes that randomly pops in to her head. For example, “Purple Flower Polka Dots” or “Pink Bow Ice Cream”. There is a method to the madness!

The same principle must apply to the wacky sayings she comes up with. Lately it is just words she has suddenly come up with and are fun to say. She must like how her tongue moves when she says them. The newest additions to my kids vocab are “Boogie Booty Booger (Whackadoo)”, (whackadoo being an optional and occasional addition), and “Nudie Cooper”. Nudie Cooper was a random invention. When we are undressing them we call them “nudies” until they are dressed again. Example, “Come be nudies and get in to the bath, kids!” I don’t think we’re the only parents that do that. So Isabella, in the infinite wisdom of her 4-year-old brain, has added “Cooper” to the end of it. No, it’s not our last name, Hunter’s middle name or a friend’s name. She doesn’t even have a classmate named Cooper. She just likes how it sounds….So now it is being used as a noun, verb or adjective. Her fave use of it is to use it as an affectionate nickname for….. anyone. “You’re such a little Nudie Cooper” she’ll declare affectionately while coming up close to your face, tipping her face to the left and then the right as she says it, a goofball smile on her face. Her second fave use of it is to rip off everything but her underwear and tear around the house shouting, “NUDIE COOPER, NUDIE COOPER!!! I’M A NUDIE COOPER!!!” Of course, Hunter immediately follows suit. Nudie Cooper has become a part of their toddler dictionary. I keep waiting for them to get bored with it and it to fade out….but months have gone by and it is still as prominent as ever !

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