Easter With My Kids

Easter is just a chocolate fest in our house. Isabella goes to a Christian preschool only because I want her to know the Bible stories from a devout Christian perspective. It’s not what I believe but it is a HUGE part of our culture and affects world-wide events. So it’s important she have a strong basis in religion and make up her own mind. It’s good to start with individual free thinking early. Everything she learns in school she tells me. I don’t even say “That is what those people believe” or “That’s a story some people think is true”. I don’t want to temper her opinion in any way if I can. I say, “That is what Christians believe, yes”. She has responded with, “And other people think other things?”  to which I respond yes, and only elaborate if she asks me to. Next year she is in a Kindergarten to Grade 6 public school and I am sure she will be exposed to all kinds of beliefs. I am agnostic. I believe in energy that guides us. I believe that there has to be something more than what atheists believe but that it’s as likely to be a big guy in the sky as the thunder and lightning is an angry Thor. But at this point I just want Izzy to hear the Christian side, and the other perspectives can come later. And as a more developed mind, having heard all of the arguments, she can decide on her own later. My parents did that and I am forever grateful. She can learn that I think Jesus was a real person but that he was just some dude built up in the tabloids later….

So in our house Easter is not about religion. It is about chocolate and having a day with family and music and games. I have started the tradition of giving one extra treat with the candy, as long as I can find something under $10. ( I don’t understand why in some houses EVERY holiday is Christmas now. I know kids in my university that got cars as Easter presents! Absurd. Consumerism at its best. And then their parents would complain that they couldn’t pay bills cuz they were paying car payments….geez). So this year it was a stuffed sheep that I thought could maybe double as a car pillow on long trips…

The Sheep I got them

The Sheep I got them

This is Isabella’s, she named it, “Vampire Bat Ghost Spider Mummy Goblin” but nicknamed it “Pumpkin” for short. Hahaha. Hunter named his “Bat”. They are both obsessed with Vampires and Monsters. Isabella especially. The book “Vampirina Ballerina” started it and it has continued ever since we took that book out of the library two months ago. She wears the dress, pants and cape Grandma found thrift shopping every day. Hunter likes Monsters and Superheroes better, but is determined to be more like his big sister every day and do anything to please her. The typical younger sibling “Me Too!” attitude. Which is cool.

If you have kids, have they held on to their obsessions for a long time?

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