Quiet Mornings

I didn’t sleep very well last night- kept waking up randomly. I finally gave up an hour before my alarm goes off at 7:30 am this morning. My husband looked like he had seen a ghost since I am NEVER up at the same time as him. I know a lot of you probably get up at 5 am( or earlier) and I feel you- I used to have to get up super early, too. In fact, when I worked at Starbucks, we were opening at 4:30 am for awhile! A bunch of movies were being filmed and we wanted to be open for the cast and crew….. which meant being at work at 3:30 am. I would start my walk to work at 2:45 am, passing people coming home from the bar. I was always so grateful that I worked in a coffee shop and had access to caffeine!

morning brew

Cheers to caffeine in the morning!

Now that I have kids and work from home, I treasure every second of sleep. Maybe I am making up for lost time? Haha. But there are some days when sleep just won’t come, or stay, and today was one of those mornings. I just knew that if I did get back to sleep, I would want to stay in bed past 10 am- which is impossible with kids to raise and work to do: Better to just give up and get up!

So, today I gave up sleeping at 6 am, but got out of bed at 6:30 am. I couldn’t make my brain quit! My to-do list kept running through my mind, among other thoughts.

The kids were still asleep past 6 am (yay, for lazy summer mornings), which is rare, and it was nice that it was just Josh and I. Even though I still felt groggy, it was good to be up with Josh and see him before work. We talked uninterrupted and I got to make my own breakfast without having to multi-task. I opened the windows in the kitchen and let in the brisk morning breeze while we chatted and ate. It’s these little golden moments in life that make it magical.

How do you spend your mornings? What time do you get up?

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’m definitely a night owl, but it was nice to be a morning person today! (Even if I will probably be breaking my no coffee rule today, heehee).

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