Memories of Getting the Mail With My Mom.

We are under a winter snow warning! This has been the snowiest winter I’ve seen in Calgary since I moved here in 2007.

A lot of the snow has gathered on our trees and mailboxes, as you can see here, in the blue early morning light:



A lot of people hate that we don’t have door-to-door delivery anymore and have these central boxes instead, but I like it. It’s not waiting at your door for a person to steal but is carefully locked away. It is fun to walk to the box in anticipation and unlock it to see mail in there or- better yet- a parcel key to open the larger spot! The walk is always short and it reminds me of going to get the mail growing up, which was always an event. I grew up in a small town where there was also no door-to-door delivery. We used to walk or drive to the local post office and my mom would let me unlock the postal box and unpack the mail waiting inside. As a kid, it was a bit like opening a treasure chest and I was always thrilled if there was something for me, like a pen-pal letter. I still love getting letters.

What do you think of the new mail system? 

What is quintessentially Canadian to you?

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