My Seventh Year Anniversary!

I have been married to Josh for 7 years! Hurray!! I am still as in love with him as the first moment we met. As soon as I talked to him 7 years ago, I knew that I would be with him forever. It sounds as bizarre and crazy as feeling that was! How can you know that? I just remember going out that night and thinking, “I want to be single for a year or two,” but then meeting him a few hours later, and thinking, “F*ck, I’m gonna fall in love with this guy”. It was just a sure thing to me and a really strong gut feeling- As if we were pulled magnetically to each other by a mysterious force. In the end, it turned out to be perfect timing. I still get sweet lovely butterflies when I look at him. Our connection is still as bright and strong as our first year- brighter and stronger even.

We were going out on a date night on Monday night to celebrate. I spent a lonnnngggg time getting ready for date night for our 7th wedding anniversary.

We, being nerdy, follow the “rules” for gift giving. This one was easy to do on our budget as the gifts had to be either copper or wool. I made Josh some wool slippers with a sole and they fit perfectly- phew. I didn’t get a photo yet, but Josh was able to find me a purple Merino wool sweater and a very pretty copper teapot second-hand and they are gorgeous.


I booked a babysitter and the kids were so excited! When she got to our house, Josh and I left to go see a movie. It was our first time paying a babysitter that wasn’t family. The kids called it their first real babysitter experience, which it kind of was.

We had one quick drink at The Keg by Crowfoot Cinemas before heading to the movie. The bartender loves his job and you could tell. It was pretty dead in there, so we sipped our cocktails in the awesomely quiet atmosphere and watched the hockey game. There is something to be said for going to the lounge between the dinner and evening rushes. It was really nice. The bartender even asked what time the movie was so he could get us our bill on time.

When we went to the movie theater, it was REALLY quiet in there. I’ve never seen it so quiet!! Although our original plan was to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, we decided last minute to see “This Is Not What I Expected”, an Asian film with both English and Mandarin Chinese subtitles. When we went into the movie to pick our seats, we laughed. We were the only ones there!

In the end, there were 6 people in total watching the film. We all enjoyed it. It was rated G and about a hotelier and a chef who keep meeting coincidentally and share a love of fine cuisine. Although they hate each other at first, they end up slowly falling for one another. It was a simple concept but had a tight storyline and was really well-done. I recommend it! It’s fun and romantic and the characters were really well-developed.

Afterward, we headed home to relieve the babysitter. The moon was beautiful!

It’s too bad I only had my phone in order to snap it, but you can still tell how bright and full the moon was.

Of course, I forced Josh to take some selfies and then we headed home.

I find Josh so handsome….he would get embarrassed that I wrote that.

It was a perfectly lovely date night and I can’t wait to spend the next 7 years with this wonderful man….and then the next 7….. and the next 7….well, you get the idea!

I hope you had a great start to the week as well!

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