Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day, as my husband let me know this morning, was invented by a lady to celebrate her mother, as she never had kids of her own, but she ended up resenting the holiday. How strange! She is, however, a genius.

All mothers should be celebrated randomly with love all of the time, throughout the year, but it is nice when kids get a chance to make special cards and celebrate in very specific ways.

Mother’s Day is also near my wedding anniversary! My husband and I got married on May 8, 2010 and so we hit the five year mark this year. Very exciting! We follow the order of suggested presents, and so far we have chosen the traditional ones. This year was wood and our anniversary fell on the Friday. That day was a whirlwind of activity and errands, along with Hunter’s school Mother Day’s tea in the afternoon. Everything worked out and the tea was super, over the top, freaking adorable. The answers to the questions our kids were asked were really funny. Did you know that I’m fifteen years old and my favourite colour is yellow, because I didn’t. I almost cried it was so cute. After that I went home. By that night I was exhausted but it was time to celebrate five years with my wonderful Husband. I was very excited. I got Josh a board game and he got me….a new writing desk!! I almost cried. Along with it accompanied a beautiful and heart-felt note. I was over-joyed and stunned.

Josh and I spent the rest of our anniversary figuring out our new board game, Agricola, and I think it will be very fun once we figure out a bit of strategy.

Then it was Mother’s Day all of a sudden!

My kids worked so hard on their school crafts. I am immensely proud of them. Hunter’s vase was crafted with love, and I adore it. Izzy made a vase and a card in school, and I cherish those too.


I was so blown away by these gifts that I didn’t expect more. Josh had other plans. The kids and Josh brought me breakfast in bed, and Hunter sang Happy Mother’s Day to the tune of Happy Birthday. On top of eating breakfast in bed with my family I received a NEW DESK CHAIR AND LAMP. Yes, I am so excited I’m yelling. I was shocked. The kids picked out the colour of the chair and Izzy explained it to me.

“It looks like a flower in a green garden,” she said.

Now my writing and office corner in my bedroom look VERY grown-up and I can’t wait to sit and write for hours (without wrecking my back and hips!).

I hope all of you spoiled your mothers and all of you mothers were showered with love. Now I must rush off to a family Mother’s Day dinner at Josh’s grandma’s country club. I hope you had as charmed of a day as I did, or at least felt as loved as I do.


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