Cat Cuddles and Cookies

It’s a cloudy and rainy morning. I’m currently curled up on our pink couch with Isabella and Kali-cat beside me, sharing cuddles. It’s one of those lazy mornings where you plot things to do from the couch, without the energy to actually do the plans. We want to bake- PB cookies and carrot cake and hummus. I would like to make more almond butter and homemade granola.

I just did a bunch of painting and home updates. We had a water scare in our bathroom that we thought was a pipe leaking into our wall from our shower head! We felt silly when we found out it was just a crack in the shower head itself- I apologized to the (very-quiet-intensely-good-listener) plumber so many times for dragging him out for nothing. I felt so dumb but he said it was very hard to notice, even for him. My suspicion is that the plumber was just being nice.

After that scare, which we thought would involved knocking down the drywall in our bedroom to get to the leak and  a chunk of money, I was relieved it was nothing and wanted to fix up things that had been bugging me. I repainted a bunch of walls that needed freshening up, including our bedroom and bedroom closet. Our bedroom is so sexy now.

The biggest change was the front hall. I took down all the pegs with hats on them and we hung my bike up there for easier access. Then, to make it look like a piece of wall art, Josh suggested I paint mountains on the wall underneath the bicycle.

What a great suggestion! I swear that if Josh wasn’t a computer tech, he would be an interior designer. He really has an eye for it. I was so relieved when it worked! Isabella said it looks like a wall decal and my heart swelled with pride. This is the first time I’ve done a painting project that looked like it did in my head! Usually I get wonky lines and it is just a mess. But it looks good! Which is wonderful, because in our tiny house, you see it a lot and it is the view from my living room couch.

It’s still cloudy outside. Isabella has peeled herself off of the couch and is attempting to bake her first carrot cake (all by herself). Hunter is watching TV with me and the cat is watching the magpies at the window. Maybe Kali-cat will come over for cuddles later. My heart is full.

A friend and I were talking about acknowledging our jealousies and turning it into gratitude. Gratitude for the other person’s good luck and recognizing what we already have that is good in our own lives. It’s hard to do but I’m open to it today. So- I am feeling hella grateful today. It’s going to be a good day, because I choose for it to be.


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