Meet Blue Moon Cottage.

Our home has a name! Meet Blue Moon Cottage.

I can’t wait to pretty up our front yard and stoop this summer! So many ideas.

Growing up, I was an avid reader and all of my favourite books had named houses in them: Tara of Gone With The Wind, Green Gables of Anne of Green Gables and Orchard House of Little Women, among others, which I found very romantic. I love special names for things- whether it be names for toys, nicknames, or…. named houses.

Our tiny house needed that identity. I believe every house has a soul- And, in that respect, it makes sense that it would have a name to it as well as a way it wants to be presented. Before I moved into this house, I dreamed of how I would decorate my forever home. I imagined moody rooms of deep purples, dense grays and pops of cherry red. However, when we bought this house, our gently used couch dictated the colour scheme for the living room and that scheme fit the rest of the house as well. This home didn’t want to be deep purples and moody gray, it wanted to be light and airy blues, pinks, and whites. There is a lot of blue in this house and it fits.

The way that we got this house would happen “once in a blue moon”! We used an organization that helps people buy homes even if they don’t have the down-payment, essentially a charity organization. Otherwise, we would still be saving and stretching ourselves thin. Attainable Homes was wonderful and helped us through the whole process. It wasn’t exactly the process we were expecting, though!

When Josh heard about them and looked them up online, all we could afford were the condos. We picked one that would potentially be in our price range and Josh made the plan to go visit them that week. He was planning later on in the week, but I woke up one day, earlier in the week, and told him I felt panicky and that he had to go that day. I told him that, no matter what, he had to make time that day. Josh rearranged his entire day to visit. That gut feeling.

Turns out that all of the condos were sold! Buttt….and it was a BIG but….Attainable Homes did have one townhouse that they had just repossessed: It was a one-of and a unique situation for their business. Plus, it would need a lot of work as it was pretty trashed, but if we were willing to wait, we would hear from them. We were willing to wait. In fact, it gave us more time to get our money in order.

The day of the tour came months later. MONTHS. Torturous waiting and nail-biting in between. At the end of the tour, the man from Attainable Homes asked if we wanted it.  I had felt myself sigh with happiness when I stepped in to the living room, so yes, I wanted it. He answered,

“Okay, as long as you are sure, it is yours. We work on first come, first served- so the family that came in a few hours after you that day will have to  look at one of our other options once this deal closes.”

A FEW HOURS AFTER. No wonder I felt panicky that morning!! If Josh had come the next day, we would have been waiting years to own. I think we were destined to own this property.

There was a lot of drama with bank paperwork (A LOT. To the point where we were wondering if we would be homeless instead), but we did eventually get there, with the help of Attainable Homes AGAIN (forever and ever grateful), and moved into our new home. This home. Our forever home. So, like I said before, it was definitely a “once in a blue moon” opportunity. Since I love the moon so much and that expression fits so well, I think Moon is an important part of our home’s name.

So why the word Cottage? Because I like the word cottage, because our house is small like one, because the cute decorating and the way the kitchen is set up is very cottage-y. We aren’t near a lake or a beach but the nearby park has a river-way so I am counting that- haha.

And that is why we have named our house Blue Moon Cottage. I have commissioned a one of a kind sign from local artist Boston Creative Co. to hang by the front door. I can’t wait to make it really official.

All of the best homes have names and our home is one of the best, in my humble opinion.

Does your house have a name?

Why did you name it that?

What is your favourite fictional house name?


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  • Isabel April 24, 2018 at 09:34

    I love this!! Blue Moon Cottage totally fits. <3 It's perfect.

    • Tianna Wynne April 24, 2018 at 09:39

      Thank you! It kind of just came to me and I love it. Can’t wait for the sign!

  • Hello, My Name Is.... - Babbling Panda June 9, 2018 at 07:03

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