Surviving the Introvert Hangover.

I feel a little jangly today. My stomach feels off, probably from all the sugar in the apple crisp last night (worth it!), or maybe all the socializing, and my muscles are sore from working out. We had a busy weekend and now I feel “hungover” of sorts. I get like this after a big weekend. (#introvertproblems) Except for my workout classes of cardio ballet at Ballet Barre Works, I will probably hibernate from other social obligations this week. I will focus on housework things that I have been ignoring, like changing sheets and finishing laundry. I will pet my cat, crochet, become centered again.

Do any of you get social hangovers? I love seeing friends but I recognize the downtime I need and no longer ignore it.  If you don’t understand what I mean, this may be the best article I’ve seen on the symptoms, so just click HERE.

It was, however, a wonderful weekend. The best way I have to reset is some alone time with my books or my planner. Today I chose puttering around to organize and setting up the month of March in my planner. I will probably make sure I have major downtime tomorrow as well to regroup. Right now, my fave ginger mint tea, a quiet playlist on YouTube, and blogging.

Kali is happy to be alone again, too. We are happy to have quiet music on in the background and she even bugged me for some couch cuddle time earlier. I am perfectly suited to cats. I feel that cats are introverts and dogs are extroverts….just based on the type of attention they crave. I wonder if I created some controversy there? Haha.

I am going to curl up in a blanket nest and read now, until it is time to get the kids.


How do you regroup after a busy weekend?

Do you know your personality type? What do you do to accommodate it?

What’s your favourite quiet moment thing to do? Read, go for a walk, craft, play music?

Are you introverted too? Say hello, below!


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