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Choosing Mental Help That Is Right For You: Therapist or Psychologist?

Whether it’s because of a tragedy or just to help you get through your day, I strongly believe that no one should be ashamed of seeking mental health help. Therapists and psychologists can be invaluable to your well-being.

Your pain is your pain. As Christine says in the movie, Lady Bird:

“Different things can be sad….it’s not all war!”

If you can’t get out of bed in the morning because everything feels too much, you may want to reach out to a psychologist or therapist. BetterHelp can help you decide which one you need and hook you up with one online, all from bed on your laptop, if need be. Even if things just feel “blah” all the time (me all March and April!!), a therapist can help you through it. I have gone to both a psychologist and a therapist for different needs at different times in my life. Both worked wonderfully, depending on my Image Src:

For many from my home province of Saskatchewan, they have been struck by tragedy. Many will need help to overcome their loss. The Humboldt tragedy is extremely recent and a lot of people I know have been personally touched with loss in the past weeks. It hurts my heart that they should have to go through that, but I’m grateful that getting mental help is being less stigmatized. I randomly wonder how they are doing and if their days are getting easier. It’s the empath in me.

I cheer on the social media accounts or television shows that talk about it openly- even Tony Soprano had a therapist! As for those touched by the Humboldt bus tragedy, I am glad that there is a dialogue and help is open to them. Support groups, therapists, nurses and psychologists are probably helping them through it and that makes me so grateful. I have been following the news since the Humboldt bus crash and seeing all of the people involved. It makes me smile that the community has stepped up and helped each other. There have been fundraisers, showings of support and web pages to connect people’s voices. The fact that seeking professional help is more accepted will also help those going through losses or injury to heal emotionally.

Therapist or Psychologist? Site: Image Src:

There is a dialogue surrounding getting professional mental help now- it seems less and less abnormal to say, “I’m going to/have gone to a therapist”. When I was seeing a psychologist at 15 years old, I would have NEVER admitted it. I would have been seen as weird or a freak. I would have been shunned by my peers and bullied more than I already was- so I kept it quiet. Now, I see teens posts on social media accounts with the words, “my therapist says” and that makes me so happy!

Remember, your pain is your pain. No matter what you are going through, if it seems too hard to deal with, reach out to a professional for help. There is someone for every situation or pay grade. Your feelings are important so don’t back burner them.

So let’s keep talking about it!! Let’s google it and tweet it and link it to our IG perspectives. Together, let’s visit cool sites like BetterHelp to get more information and make better decisions. Let’s put our mental health high on our list! Can we make mental health as important as our physical health? Hell yes we can. We need to in order to thrive.

Who is with me??

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