An Online Psychiatrist Is a Real Thing!

Our lives are becoming more digital and intertwined with computers. We type all of our messages: we email instead of writing letters, we text rather than talk. It can seem that we are losing that human connection! But we can also be connected through computers and tech. I have people on Instagram that understand my daily struggle with anxiety or that help me out with plant issues, when no one local is trying to grow what I am! The future is now, and everything is at your fingertips. You can buy milk online, redecorate your house, buy birthday presents….or even book an online psychiatrist!

why you should book an online psychiatrist when depressed.

It seems kind of weird and scary to do this, at first, but when you think about it, it is the most logical choice in the world. When you are feeling depressed, anxious or low, leaving your house to get to an appointment can seem an insurmountable obstacle. (I used to cancel countless sessions) What if you didn’t need to?

I think it would have helped my friend’s cousin if he had the accessibility to this online help. He was in a small town and had isolated himself before committing suicide. My friend’s online world is full of memories of him, her heart breaking for the family and children he left behind. I suspect he had gone so deep into depression that he felt that the ones he loved the most would be better off without him around, “dragging them down”. I felt that way once but I was lucky enough to survive those feelings and get help. My heart breaks that the same thing didn’t happen for my friend’s cousin.

After a person commits suicide, a feeling of sadness is left with their family and friends. A sadness like a deep hole that eats away at all good feelings. Often, more suicides in that group follow. If not suicide, there may be a breakdown in personal relationships, marriages, or addictions. I am hoping that this article helps them realize that they aren’t alone, affordable help is available wherever they have internet and their phone or computer, and that they can find hope again. It is not hopeless, not your fault and the feeling of helplessness will fade. Remember there is good in the world and there are professionals waiting to help you discover it.

I know that sounds overly optimistic, but I have found that the darkness does eventually fade, good memories come back with fondness and that there is love and light out there- eventually. It takes time. And sometimes it takes a professional psychiatrist to help your mind think that way again. I have friends in full-time therapy while other friends (like me) seek it out to get through those darkest moments (or “rough patches” as one therapist liked to say).

BetterHelp has online psychiatrists ready to talk, 24/7, by text (LOVE this option), email or video chat. Up at 3 a.m. with a bout of anxiety that won’t quit? Text your online psychiatrist! I am good at worrying and feeling anxious at 3 a.m! I get up to go to the bathroom and start thinking about All. The. Things.

When you’re feeling anxious “all the things” turns into a ridiculous list: catastrophes that could happen, how you’re not prepared for the fictitious catastrophe, things said wrong, stuff that could go wrong, how people feel about you, how you feel about them, that one time you were rude to a stranger in line (5 years ago)…. it can go on and on. It would be nice to have a person of calm in that sea of anxiety whenever I need them. This is why online psychiatrists are a genius option.

I haven’t used one- yet- but the website says they are an affordable and private option and Introvert Doodles (genius cartoonist) on Instagram agrees. Just check out her page and her IG Stories HERE. She has a whole tab for BetterHelp on her home page! If you are interested, please give BetterHelp a try, and there is a great starting page on how and why to choose an online psychiatristIf you know someone that could use the help, please pass on the link with the message that you are never alone. And, in today’s tech world, you can find that out in a few quick clicks. Let’s spread the help, the love and the hope to those that need it (even to yourself! Love yourself, too!) before it’s too late. Getting help is strength.

How do you feel about technology?

Have you ever had a psychiatrist?

Have you or a family member ever been suicidal?

The comments below are a judgement free zone. Please feel free to share. And share this article with whoever could use the info! Thanks. 


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