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It Happens Sometimes When the Weather Changes.

Today was not great. It wasn’t a good day, health-wise. Sometimes I have to adjust my whole day around my health and it’s really frustrating. 

The weather called for rain- the perfect day to clean! Right? Wrong. My health tanks sometimes when the weather changes. When I woke up, I had so many plans to be productive….

Instead, I woke up feeling off. This happens sometimes when the weather changes. It can also happen when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with my gut. In fact, I’m still working on figuring out what my gut does and doesn’t like- it’s hard to pin down.

My friend has determined that I have Hypermobility Syndrome. After reading her research and others, I have to agree. Sometimes, when I complain about health symptoms, she wonders aloud if I have a facet of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (which is on a huge spectrum, I believe). So when the weather changes, the air pressure changes, and I can feel it pressing down on my body. This puts pressure on my insides- that pressure can change my digestion, causing bloating and pain. Often, it goes away after it rains or the storm passes.

Today, I knew rain was coming but I didn’t give it any thought. When I woke up feeling off, I assumed I was hungry- even though I didn’t feel like eating. 

I still thought I would feel better after I ate breakfast, so I made myself a smoothie and ate a homemade energy ball.  But I felt worse. My stomach bloated, my gut started to ache, and my stomach made weird noises. I felt searing pain about a half hour after breakfast and ran to the bathroom. 

Not glamorous, but I had diarrhea.  And it lasted ALL DAY. Everything I ate or drank didn’t stay with me. It was a tough day, health-wise.

Even AFTER the rain stopped, my gut didn’t clear, which it usually does. So much for cleaning and baking and tidying. So much for playing with the kids, prepping a good supper, and working out. Today my gut felt awful so my mood tanked and I was very crabby. My skin felt wrong and I got a headache.

I had to change my entire plan for the day. Out of the ten things I wanted to do, three of the easier ones got finished. And those three got finished in double amount of the time it normally would’ve taken.

But that’s okay, it happens sometimes. I’m still trying to navigate this new state of health that I live in. When the weather suddenly changes or when my gut disagrees with something I did, my health takes a down turn and my family has to step up.

Today was a bit harder because the kids were either fighting or bored. Thankfully, they were able to make their own lunches and then find a movie to watch or it would have been a much harder day, and it was hard enough. 

Right now, my husband is doing dishes while I curl up on the couch to sip some peppermint tea. I’m so grateful for my helpful husband. I’m so hoping that this peppermint tea will help. 

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