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Pain is My Middle Name

My IBS pain ended up with me in the walk-in. Since IBS has never caused me that much suffering, I thought maybe it was a bladder infection. Josh said, “Oh it might be an infection…or one of your million of other ailments that cause you pain”. And I thought, “Yup, Pain is my middle name”.

He’s sick of me being sick. I’m sick of feeling crappy. 

My gut has caused me so much trouble that it is time for serious measures. I thought I had it licked with the Gut Makeover, but it seems like I need a more life-long solution. The Low FODMAP diet may be my saving grace. To be honest, I haven’t done it yet because it looked complicated and -well- hard. I wanted an easy 4-6 week meal plan solution. Now I know that my gut is so unhappy that I’m being forced to look into more serious and long-term plans. 

Plus, it’s well-known that the gut is the “second brain”, affecting mood and can cause depression! So it affects your overall health in the end and it’s important to improve the gut. As well, you can take other wellness improving steps if needed, such as therapy and medications. Or all of the above!

Yesterday, I ended up in my walk-in clinic, peeing into a cup and praying that the severe abdominal pain was a bladder infection. When the doctor said the test was negative, we both sighed. She was SO busy but acted like she had all the time in the world for me. It was so refreshing. I felt heard and she didn’t “lead” me into answers she wanted to hear. Patiently, she waited while I considered her question and then answered. 

Up on the exam table, she felt around and asked where it hurt. “Well,” she said, “It’s definitely the gut”. I sighed, and asked ‘what now?’ Was I just supposed to take Tylenol? She prescribed me an anti-spasmodic to help my gut calm down, then told me to lay off eating vegetables for 2-3 days. 

Um, excuse me?

All I eat is vegetables! Turns out, that can be too much of a good thing. The fiber can irritate the gut lining and make it work harder. When it’s tried to keep up too hard for too long, you get pain and irritation. I’m loosely paraphrasing her because I was in too much pain to pay too much attention. I got the gist, though. Very low fiber for a couple days. It’s been hard for me, since I live on: salads, veggie plates, and zoodles. Being gluten-free has made me rely on very fiber heavy meals to feel full. What a weird problem.

I haven’t had any coffee today, because it would irritate my gut and cause an IBS flare-up, but I think the brain fog is from my gut being wrecked. I’m trying to push through the lethargy, brain fog and gut pain to get things done. 

Has anyone tried the Low FODMAP diet? How did it go? Is it as complicated as it looks? 

Let me know in the comments if you have time. I could use advice. 

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