My Kids And Music

My kids came out as independent old souls with their own opinions about everything- including music. I feel that I am less their teacher and more their guide through this life.

I have asked other kids why they like the music they listen to. They say things like, “Oh I love listening to it because my dad does and we spend time together”…. or something similar. My two monsters don’t seem to have that gene. From the time they could communicate with gurgles, they have let me know if they don’t like my music choice.

I remember playing a quiet Modest Mouse song when Isabella was little (not even a year old) and she cried and cried…until I turned it off. Instantly happy again. When Isabella was a bit older she would point at the stereo and say, “No.” and then stare me down until I turned it off.

Hunter hates any music that is “too loud”. He is only vocal about this when he is at home, sensing that it would be rude to demand music turned off at other people’s houses. Instead, he politely says, “It’s fine” when a guest. At home, he will tell me that his brain can’t take it, it’s making him crazy or it hurts his ears. “Too loud” music is anything from Rancid to Florence and The Machine. Weirdly, he finds Anthony Kiedis’ voice soothing and loves Red Hot Chili Peppers. A lot of my music is met with, “This is awful. Turn this off”.


Isabella loves indie-pop and full on pop songs. She loves songs that make her happy, have a repetitive beat (the worst pop songs, in my opinion) or have a story with an upbeat background. We listen to the top 40 pop stations in the car for her. Pop music is just not my thing! The first artist I really, really, really loved may have been Tori Amos or Rancid. I don’t remember caring about music until I was about 12 or 13 years old. So I have never been one to gravitate towards full-on pop songs. Oh- I do remember LOVING Beach Boys when I was in grade 5. And Motown. So I lied. I guess my first loves were old Motown songs and the Beach Boys. My family hated the Beach Boys and I played the one album I owned over and over. They were vocal about hating it. Isabella is also vocal about hating 90 percent of my music. One artist both Isabella and I love is Donovan Woods, who is not pop. I bought it on iTunes for her and so that one gets played a lot.

Hunter, my sweet boy, is a 90 year old trapped in a 7 year old body. Everyone he meets comments on that. His teachers are always the first to say it and we hear it at the first parent-teacher conference every year. It makes me laugh. He says things like, “I really miss black and white silent films” (I’m not sure he has ever seen one) and “People rely on technology too much these days”. HAHAHA.

So it is no surprise that Hunter loves folk music and folk-country. Right now, his favourite artists are Leonard Cohen and Jim Cuddy. He especially loves the Jim Cuddy album Constellations, lately. Isabella hates it but Hunter will just sit on the couch and soak in the lyrics. Plus, anything with a banjo or fiddle. Like I said, old soul. I can just picture him as an old man on a whitewashed porch, picking away at a banjo or mandolin.

Are your kids vocal about music?

Do they like what you listen to?

Are you musical yourself? I love listening but suck at playing everything, although I used to be good at ukelele and I’m teaching myself again. What about you?

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