Trusting My Gut and Making New Friends

The room was full of unfamiliar faces and small groups of chatting coworkers. It was an introvert’s nightmare. I longed for a glass of wine in my hand, but I had given up drinking for the year so I was on my own, so to speak.

My husband and I were at his company Christmas party. I longed for a seat at a table where I could feign interest in the centerpieces and water glass. Thankfully, Josh could sense my anxiety and quickly suggested a seat at a table where he recognized a few people. The people at our table seemed quiet and kind. As we sat down, we became part of a conversation about board games. Ah, a subject dear to my heart. I love playing the occasional board game and often force the activity on dinner guests. I felt a bit more relaxed. Across the table, a couple chimed in with their favourite board game picks and when the girl spoke up, I instantly felt that I wanted to know her. I wanted to be friends, based on nothing but gut feeling.

As the night wore on, I talked on and off with her and we clicked. I took a chance and, against my usual introvert nature, asked her if they would be interested in coming over for a dinner and board games night. She said yes and we exchanged numbers.

I love when the world feels like a mystery pulling us in a certain direction.

A month later, they came over and we had a lovely dinner with a bunch of board games played afterward. I didn’t feel awkward or nervous around them, as I often do during a first time gathering at our house. (Sometimes I literally sweat with nervousness the whole time! It’s awful). I have a lot of trouble letting people into my house- it often feels like an invasion of my space. Weird, maybe. This time there was none of that and I was happy when they offered to host it at their place in the near future.

When they were ready to have us over we arranged a Saturday evening visit at their house.  Now- ready for some weirdness from the universe?!- we were all ready to go on that Saturday afternoon. I was excited to meet her dog, despite being a cat person, and seeing their space. I always love seeing the interior of people’s homes! I am obsessed with decorating. I was wondering what the inside of their home would look like when I realized I forgot to get the address.  I often forget key details and worry about the little things. So I text them and when they sent back their address my first thought was, “Looks familiar!”

In fact, their address looked so familiar, I felt that I had been there before. I turned to Josh and said,

“What was your aunt’s old address before they sold the house?”

Can you see where this is going?

Yes! My suspicion was correct!! After a lot of back and forth and some sleuthing, I outright asked his aunt their old address and it was confirmed- my brand new friends lived in his aunt’s old house!! Twilight Zone moment, wouldn’t you agree???

It was super strange to be in a familiar house that was the same but different. Our friends had kept the room designations the same and it felt comforting to be there with them. They had only good things to say about Josh’s aunt. It also made my original gut feeling of wanting to be friends and familiarity with them even more strange. It is as if the universe tugged us together on purpose.

It turned out that we even made the same dessert for the night- homemade apple crisp! We are similar in all the right ways. Haha. There are even more ties to them as time goes on.

I love when the world feels like a mystery pulling us in a certain direction. I feel as if I am on the right track when things like this happen. As I become a more confident person, my gut becomes a more reliable compass. What about yours?

What are your fave board games?

Have you ever had a similar strange coincidence?

Do you believe in fated encounters? 

Comment below! I would love to hear your stories.


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