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Easy Recipes: Cook Up Some Fun Food With Your Kids !

Richa Iyer has generously gifted us with some easy recipes for your kids to help you in the kitchen this summer. Isabella is ten years old(!!!) this year and will probably need minimal supervision with these, plus I can get Hunter in there to help us. This article was generously written for Babbling Panda so let’s get on to the recipes!  

It can be difficult to find new ways of spending quality time with your kids. Sometimes it can feel like you’re on completely different wavelengths on what makes something “fun.” And, as a busy parent, it can get frustrating to try and balance general tasks and time with the kids. A great way to combine the two is to include your kids in daily tasks where everyone will have fun!

Many families and cultures use cooking as a way to relate to their children and pass on skills. While the idea of cooking may not appeal to your children at first, you can definitely use these kid-friendly recipes as a way to spend time with them, get some work done, and maybe introduce them to a new hobby!





A classic homemade breakfast, you can make this recipe fun and cute by using cookie cutters to cut out shapes instead of a knife! Have your kids pick out their favorite shapes and switch it up every so often. 


Chicken Avocado Rolls



This is a great recipe to demonstrate that food doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be delicious! These chicken avocado rolls are a great snack for individuals, as well as groups, and fun to make with your children.

Homemade Pizza Pockets


If your child loves pizza pockets but you’re hesitant to buy them from a store, then this recipe is perfect! This way, you and your kids can work together to make something they know they already love.


Spinach and Feta Mac and Cheese

While the idea of spinach can put your kids off, putting it in mac and cheese with some feta can really take this classic dish to the next level. When they realize how good it tastes there might not be any more complaints about spinach!


Sloppy Joes


This brings a trusted, familiar favorite into your new kid-friendly kitchen! Pair it with some of the other recipes to make a fun dinner that your kids helped you create.


Chicken noodle casserole



Casseroles are diverse in how they can be eaten, therefore this is a dish that could feed a group for a dinner party and it also makes delicious leftovers!


Spaghetti and Meatball Soup



Another classic dish that your kids know they love! Your kids can help roll the meatballs, collect ingredients from around the kitchen or help stir. They’ll know they helped make something truly special.


Baked Sweet Potato Chips



If your kids love sweet potato, this is the perfect snack! Delicious and nutritious, it may even become their new favorite kind of chip.


Fruit and Peanut Butter Sandwich


A slight twist on a well-loved classic, your kids can get involved by picking out their favorite fruits and combinations. It’s fun, a little experimental, and can be different every time you make it!


Crock Pot Taquitos


Another fabulous group snack! Your kids can help spoon ingredients or mix them and they can proudly announce to everyone they helped make something so good.

It’s helpful to keep all these recipes handy in the kitchen, so head over to Kitchen Cabinet Kings for a printable version of them! You can have them in a drawer or bind them together using some twine- you and your kids can pick out one you want to make next. Maybe they’ll even end up in the family recipe book!

Beyond having fun, another great reason to try this is that I will be teaching the kids useful life skills! I can’t wait to get our hands dirty and try a couple of these recipes, so stay tuned for follow up posts on our attempts.  And please share any of your pics here or on Instagram, making sure to tag me (@babblingpanda).

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