Start Your Summer Off Right With These Easy Nice Cream Recipes!

It seems that summer is finally here! If you are in Alberta, like I am, you are slowly melting in a heat wave. Well, relief is here! Shari’s Berries was kind enough to share their favourite nice-cream recipes. I am especially excited that they are dairy-free, since I am lactose-sensitive. So let’s take a look at these super easy heat-beating nice cream recipes from Shari’s Berries

Cool Down This Summer With Nice Cream

At the end of a long, hot day, there’s nothing better than something sweet to cool off with. Instead of traditional ice cream, try something new by making your own sweet treat at home! With a few simple ingredients and a blender or a food processor, you can whip up your own nice cream creation. Nice cream, a dairy-free version of ice cream made with frozen bananas, is a great option for satisfying your sweet cravings without the high amounts of sugar.

With a creamy and light texture, nice cream is an easy treat to make and even easier to enjoy! Keep reading to learn more about how to make nice cream, as well as a few fun recipes!


1: Peel overripe bananas, slice and place in a container or large sandwich bag to freeze.


2: After they are fully frozen, put the bananas in a food processor or high-powered blender with a ¼ cup of your favorite liquid, such as almond or cashew milk.


3: Add in flavors such as matcha or peanut butter for a fun twist!


After you have made your nice cream, spruce it up with a few fun toppings and mix-ins. For flavors to mix-in, try fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberries. To top off your special treat, include toppings such as shaved coconut, sliced almonds or sprinkles to add some flavorful texture.

By including a few special add-on flavours, such as fruit and other sweets, you’ll give your nice cream creation the look and flavor of traditional ice cream, making it perfect for encouraging little ones to dig in!

Here are a few fun nice cream recipes to get you started on your nice cream making journey!


Matcha Mint Chip



Made with peppermint extract and dark chocolate, this refreshing nice cream concoction won’t be easy to forget!


Monkey Business



Combine bananas, peanut butter and chocolate for the ultimate rich and creamy dessert. 


Very Berry



A combination of antioxidant rich berries, this fruity batch is perfect for an after breakfast treat or mid-day snack!


Chocolate Strawberry



Enjoy this rich and fruity treat topped with whipped cream or chopped strawberries at the end of a flavorful meal!


Mango Piña Colada




Whether you’re on the couch or in your backyard, treat yourself with a piece of paradise with this tropical flavor combination.

The next time you’re in the mood for something light, sweet and creamy, try out one of these recipes to make your own special dessert. Paired with a fluffy pastry or served on its own, nice cream is the perfect end to a long, hot day. With so many possible combinations, it’s easy to create the nice cream of your dreams!

With a creamy and light texture, nice cream is an easy treat to make and even easier to enjoy! Keep reading to learn more about how to make nice cream from Shari’s Berries, as well as a few fun recipes! 


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