Gluten-Free Baking Alternatives: Three of The Best.

Okay, so I have 3 key products I rely on since becoming gluten-free and thought I would share.

  1. Robin Hood Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour Blend 

Although you can make your own blend of gluten-free flour using several ingredients, sometimes it is nice to have a pre-made blend on hand. However, if you have the ingredients, I strongly recommend Charlotte J’s GF flour blend on, which you can find here.  Her mix can be used almost anywhere regular flour is called for in the same amount.  If you find yourself pressed for time, or without the individual ingredients to make your own blend, I recommend grabbing the Robin Hood gluten-free mix! I used to use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free blend but I find it has a really harsh metallic aftertaste and a terrible texture. I prefer the Robin Hood mix. It can be used wherever regular flour is called for and their website has a substitution chart for those trickier recipes. I find it has little to no aftertaste and all of the recipes I have used it in have worked fine. It is especially good in cookie and pizza dough recipes!

2. So Good Soy Milk

Most gluten-free eaters are also dairy intolerant since the proteins that bug us mimic each other in both products. I have become very lactose-intolerant and have to drastically limit my daily intake. I have tried every dairy alternative out there and have researched which have the best nutritional value. There is a lot of opinions out there!! I decided to just stick with what is the most palatable for me. At first, nothing was. Dairy alternatives have a VERY different mouth-feel and texture than regular milk. I find that, once I got used to it, soy milk had a creamy texture and a neutral taste that was best. I now enjoy it in coffee and it works the best in baking. I prefer So Good over Silk, finding it creamier and with less of a weird aftertaste.


If you are also allergic to soy, I find the second best bang for your buck is almond milk, but be careful. Many are packed with sweeteners. Get the unsweetened versions! Also, not all brands are created equal. In my opinion, So Nice Almond Milk is one of the worst kinds I have ever bought. It has a weird grainy mouth-feel and a weird aftertaste. It is especially foul in cereal. If you are thinking of almond milk as an alternative, I would reach for Blue Diamond Almond Milk. It has a smooth mouth-feel and very little after-taste.

Ultimately, it is all personal preference, but make sure you read the labels to make sure you’re not shorting yourself of nutrients and that you aren’t picking a sweetened brand choc-full of sugar or, worse, artificial sweetener.

3.  Breton Gluten Free Original Crackers with Flax by Dare

Crackers are great sometimes, aren’t they? I don’t always feel like crunchy rice crackers or rice cakes as a quick snack, so these crackers are a great alternative. All of the flavours are fantastic, especially with a side of carrots and dipped in hummus. I use the original to make cracker sandwiches or in cooking. You can use these crackers wherever bread crumbs are called for! We have used them to make breading for chicken or fish, as filler in meatballs or to keep meatloaf together. They are also great crumbled on top of homemade mac and cheese! Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


So there you have it. Three of my gluten-free kitchen essentials! You can find these in any grocery store. I shop at Superstore and Safeway, primarily, and have found them there. Let me know if you try them and what you think.

**This post was not sponsored in any way.**

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