One Healthy Lunch

I am currently being forced to eat gluten so that my doctor can test me for Celiac disease. I eat it at breakfast and go for healthier, as-gluten-free-as-possible, delicious options through out the rest of the day.

Today I wanted something that reminded me of a sandwich- but  without the bread. I didn’t come up with a new idea really, but this is a really delicious bread-free lunch you may want to try. I made my own variation. So here are the steps.



1 fresh and ripe tomato

cottage cheese

1 egg

Sriracha sauce

salt and pepper


1. Get a tomato and cut a big slice off of it. This will be your bread. Salt and pepper the top lightly if desired.


step one


2. Place cottage cheese on top, as much as you like.

step two


3. I LOVE Sriracha sauce, so I used this as my main spice and sprinkled four dots on top. I used a spoon to mix it in gently and started on my egg.

step 3


4. Next, the egg! I fried mine in coconut oil but feel free to do whatever style you please. I didn’t add any seasoning to the egg.

step 4


5. Now we need the rest of our “bun”. Cut another thick slice of tomato and add it on top.

step 5

6. Enjoy! I used a steak knife and fork to cut through this gorgeous meal and eat it. It only took a couple of minutes to make and was unbelievably fresh and delicious. I recommend it as an alternative to sandwiches. I think if you had a small round container that fit it tightly, you could take this to work. A quick zap in the microwave would be enough to make it warm and delicious again. Just make sure to take a knife and fork with you…and some napkins! 😀


step 6


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  • Angela January 30, 2016 at 14:46

    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease along with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in April of 2014. I never even heard of either until then. A neighbor and friend had suggested I get tested for a wheat allergy because of symptoms I was having. Then less than a month later I found an egg sized tumor in my thigh/groin area. I have read that undiagnosed celiac can lead to non hodgkins lymphoma. The cancer is not curable at this time but I am being treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. And have adopted a gluten/paleo/organic diet. Which is not cheap or easy when you have teenagers who want burgers and pizza 7 nights a week. I appreciate blogs like yours because I am always in need of different recipe ideas especially because most of us are struggling to make ends meet and need quick and easy,tasty dishes to feel somewhat normal these days. Thanks for being real. =)

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