The Curly Hair Conundrum

I have a lot of hair. A LOT. When I was little, I had hair past my butt. And it physically hurt me because it was SOOOOO HEAVY. I remember feeling the weight of it pulling on my scalp when it was still wet after a bath or shower. I still have the same problem today. It’s better than hair that is too thin, but it is an issue all the same. My friend claims it is due to our Scottish roots.

I always had sort of wavy hair. My hair would be wavy in spots but nothing much compared to the rest of my family. My family (sister, mom and dad), all have extremely curly hair so I felt like the black sheep. Then I had my second child and everything changed. My hair remained thick and heavy but, after giving birth to Hunter, has remained coarser and it is curly. Really, really curly. Now, with it getting a little longer, it feels like an “almost afro” most days. I’ve given up trying to tame it, so nowadays it looks like this:

I decided awhile ago to grow out my hair. I have gotten it to a good length but I did the same thing I do every time I decide to grow it out. I forget how heavy it is once it is a bit longer. It isn’t long, by any means, but to me it is long enough to be pulling on my scalp and it is long enough to take over my face. My husband prefers when I have a pixie cut, I think, although he keeps saying, “whatever makes you happy”, rather than solidly confirming it.

So now, with a hair appointment at the end of this month, I am considering many options. Some days I want a pixie cut again, other days I want an undercut all the way around to get rid of the heft of it, other days I want to side shave it….. sometimes I just want to say eff it and shave the whole thing….but I won’t! I’ll most likely do something in between.

Who knows? But consider those above photos my ‘before’ shots since my hair is likely to change at my appointment at the end of this month.


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