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Lions and Tigers and …Oh Wait, They’re Ants!!

We have an ant infestation. The mini black ants have taken over the playroom thanks to the poorly sealed basement window,  and now have moved up to the kitchen.

The other day I moved a toy bin in the basement playroom and the stupid things had made a nest under it! Carpet is not dirt and not a proper nest. Seriously. So I disturbed them last night and this morning they are in the kitchen.  When a horde of them ran over my bare feet I was jumping out of my skin! I forced myself to stand there until I figured out their main trail.

My belief is that they have made a new home under our fridge. Lovely. We looked up remedies on the internet and we’re going to deep clean tonight. It’s still a billion degrees outside so deeply scrubbing the back of the cupboards and under the fridge is not my idea of the greatest time but oh well. Must be done.

Go outside where you belong tiny jerks!

We put out cornstarch for them to eat and Raid in the deepest corners where the cats won’t eat it but the ants will:  This is how we got rid of them last year. Also, obsessive sweeping up of crumbs- not an easy task with 2 kids around!!

If you need more ideas, check these out:

Let me know if you have other ideas that might work!

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