Environmentally Conscious

I am trying to compile a list of ways to be environmentally friendly, or more so!


  1.  Always use a re-useable water bottle and re-useable container whenever possible.
  2. Use a whiteboard to write notes, such as a grocery list. Take a photo with your phone to take with you or to send to the person running errands. We use this for shopping lists rather than using a note or lists app on our phone because it’s easier to add to and we always think of the list at home.(Plus less time spent on your phone is good for your eyes etc).
  3. I am going to buy a whiteboard calender this year rather than a cute paper one to reduce paper waste.
  4. Instead of writing a reminder on a scrap of paper and losing it, then rewriting the note every time I remember, I am going to use a notebook at my desk or a day planner or my phone.
  5. Buy used books, clothing, and even furniture whenever it’s possible. Donate to thrift stores rather than throwing things away.
  6. Use natural light as much as I can, and turn off lights even if I believe I am leaving the room for five minutes. Every bit helps.
  7. Shutting down all electronics and computers at night. Unplugging whatever can be unplugged.
  8. Use natural products for cleaning my house and myself.
  9. Use less water. Run the dishwasher only when full and on the shortest cycle with no heat dry. Run the washing machine with cold water and on light wash unless clothes super dirty. Have shorter showers. Use the same cup all day, rinsing between uses.
  10. Buy recycled containers and paper. Recycle or reuse as much as humanly possible
  11. Turn off your vehicle when running in to a store or waiting for your child to come out of school ( I always do and it bugs me when people don’t!)
  12. Walk to things near to you, instead of driving. Or bike. Or run.

And that is all I have so far! If you think there is anything I should add, let me know.


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