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October’s Autumn Colours

Oh Hi October. You are halfway finished already. The wind has blown most of the leaves off of the trees outside but at the beginning of the month weren’t you a celebration! A splendor of colour that lifted the spirits and was drunk up by the eyes. I love you, October. I used to dread you and the end of…

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My Daughter Wants to be a Vampire

Isabella’s new stage is a vampire. We checked the book Vampirina Ballerina out of the library. It was life changing for her. It is about a little girl who is a vampire but who joins an evening ballet class with mortals. The little vampire girl is shy and has to try hard not to turn in to a bat. By…

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Lucid Dreams and Snow Storms

Last night I had a very entertaining dream. I was me in an alternate universe. I had the freckles I always wanted, and my hair had grown to my waist. I sat in my open concept, farmhouse-inspired city home and wrote the most eloquent blog. I woke up wondering how to make the blog topic even more sweet in the…

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