5 Beach Camping Activities for the Whole Family (Printables)

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Suns out, guns out. Summertime is not only the perfect time for dad puns, but also the perfect time for the whole family to enjoy the warm weather as a family. Whether you’re headed to the west coast for a classic trip to California or to the east for a taste of the Cuban-styled Florida beaches, get beachfront property at the fraction of the cost. What’s the catch, you ask?

You’ll have to get a little sandy, and pitch a tent on the seaside. Imagine waking up to a family breakfast while the salty air fills your lungs. While you start planning your next camping trip to the coast, we’ve got your activities covered (plus a few extra beach camping tips). For hours of family fun, print these five activities to play around the campfire this summer.

Beach Camping Bingo

Beach bingo is the perfect game to get your entire family involved. Get a little competition going, the loser has to make everyone else a s’more!

Animal Texture Matching Game

This matching game is a fun way to educate your littlest adventurers. They’ll enjoy learning about different creatures, and imagine what it would be like to feel their fur (or scales).

Beach Critters Word Search

A little more difficult, your tweens will love this critter-themed word search. With twenty different words hidden in all directions, enjoy some time to yourself while your kids are preoccupied looking for the next critter in this fun puzzle.

I Spy in the Waves

I Spy is another family-favorite! From youngest to oldest, everyone can get involved looking for common creatures around the sand. Enjoy the game throughout your trip, and count up points when you’re back home for the ultimate winner.

Oceanic Coloring Pages

Everyone loves to color, even parents aren’t an exception. Whether you make your flamingo pink or lavender, enjoy a little bit of creativity and relaxation with these fun oceanic-themed coloring pages.

If you can’t make it to the coast this summer, enjoy these water-inspired games for a day on the lake! Nothing screams summer like sunshine and good old fashioned fun, no matter the location.

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