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We’re Going To California!

Off we go to California!! A weekend trip to Huntington Beach, to be exact.

The trip is a gift from Josh’s boss in lieu of a raise this year, due to the recession. The owner only has a few of us going, about 20 I think, so it should be fun.

I can’t wait to hit the beach and maybe some shops. I can’t wait to share stories.

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Sunset over Surf City Huntington Beach Pier

It’s a mystery trip, in a way: will we be left to do as we please, but there will be a company supper, or some pre-booked activities? I guess we will find out when we get there.

This will sound weird- but I will miss the kids while we are off in Cali.  We  didn’t plan it, so they are staying behind with their grandma and aunt. If I had planned a California getaway, I tell them, I would totally have planned it with them in mind!

Going on vacation to California is high on my list of travel, so I am still thrilled to go- kids or no kids. (And it will probably be nice to have uninterrupted grown-up time, haha). I’ve never been to California and can’t wait to see a small corner of it.

We leave today!! I’ll share on my IG, I’m sure, so stay tuned. Eeee- Excited!

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