My clean living room makes me happy. But cleaning it makes me cringe.

Tearing Up My Life

Soon we are about to tear apart our home life a little bit- literally. We are doing basement renovations soon! We have to get everything in storage and then let a whole bunch of people tear apart and rebuild everything right under our feet.

I’m also trying to create a routine and space that works for Isabella. (Read about her 2E diagnosis HERE). Making sure our schedule is as constant as possible seems to be helping. I let her be involved in the process. She picked a routine that works for her and asked me to create a checklist that she can mark off for the morning and bedtime routine. It seems to calm her to know what is expected of her before and after school and to have a part in marking it off after it happens. There have definitely been less meltdowns.

AND I’m getting ready to go to my first craft market! Soooooo busy making stuff that my hand is turning into a claw.

The one thing that makes me take a break? My fur baby, Kali, who will literally sit on both my hands or gently stretch her claws into my arm if I move. Haha! Thanks, Kali. Pretty sure you’re looking out for you but those breaks are very needed for my sanity.

Do you have a pet that is the boss of you? (Like this one):




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