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Trying Ballet Beats: A Barre Class Streaming Service.

*This is not a paid or sponsored post in any way. I just wanted to share my unfiltered opinion*

I stood, breathing hard, my sweating legs in plie position, eagerly waiting for the next instruction and thought,

“I didn’t realize how much I missed this!”

My ugly unfinished basement with the draughty walls may not be as beautiful as the studio I used to go to, but I had a giant smile plastered on my face just the same.

When I started barre, it was because I missed ballet class. A woman my husband works with taught at this studio, Ballet Barre Works, and suggested I try a charity class.

That was it. I was hooked.

Even though the studios were 20 minutes away from my house and I would have to wait until I had our shared car to go to an evening class- even then, I joined. I signed up for any class I could make it to and drove the 20 minutes for the hour long class. It was practically a therapy session.

Every person there was hyper-focused on their own movements so it almost felt like alone time. With everyone at a different level, I didn’t feel myself comparing my progress. Instead, I focused on my own progress, which steadily improved.

I fell in love with the dance studio inside the church, the sincere and funny instructors, and the feel of pushing my body to its best. It was my outing.

But then everything changed.

(Cue ominous music. 😉 )

Isabella started hockey and we were going to that 2-3 times a week, plus weekends. Driving back and forth between rinks is fine, as long as you’re not fighting rush hour. Which we had to, most days.

Whenever we had a break, I would fit in a barre class. My happy sprint to the car became less and less a sprint, and more and more a Charlie Brown slumpy walk. I began to worry that I was getting bored or disenchanted with barre, but when I got there I had fun.

I took a long think about what it was about barre that didn’t get me excited anymore and realized it was the drive! After going back and forth for hockey, I didn’t want to do the same for barre. Both activities happening in the evening also left me zero time for a social life. Something had to change. I was relieved it was just the commute wearing me down. But now what? How was I going to do barre if I didn’t go to the studio? Buy a DVD?

And, then, by a huge stroke of luck, Ballet Barre Works opened up a streaming a service called Ballet Beats. Now I didn’t have to go to Kalyn, she could be in my living room! (So to speak). I hemmed and hawed about it. Would I do it? Is it worth the smaller price when less classes are streamed? I was also worried it would come off as flat or unengaging without the energy of the other classmates and the live instructor. Would it be as encouraging and fun?

I shouldn’t have worried. Kalyn is just as playful and charismatic onscreen as she is in person. Plus, this is perfect for my schedule. The noise on my tiny basement TV was a little hollow-sounding, so I had to turn the sound wayyyy up, but that’s really my only criticism. Oh, and I wish there was more guided stretching at the end. But I loved it a lot and can’t wait to do more of it. If something can get me to go down to our cold, ugly, smelly basement to work out, you know it’s got to be good!

What I love about doing Ballet Beats:

  • Doesn’t take up much space or take a lot of equipment. I did the first video in my tiny basement area (think apartment living room size), with just a bottle of water and a yoga mat.
  • Perfect for any level. After a month-long break, I found I did have to use some of the offered modifications.
  • Having wrecked my knees and ankles, I’ve been through some physio and I’m very conscious about form. I loved the posture instructions and side views for proper alignment.
  • Kalyn has an uncanny ability to know when a person’s energy will be lagging and sends verbal encouragement at just the right moment. Right when I was ready to quit, I would look up at the video and catch a smile or hear her say “you can do this”. This speaks to her experience and intuition as a teacher.
  • Pause is a godsend when your kids interrupt you or you have to pee. I did try to avoid using it because it does wreck the flow and aerobic benefits, but it’s nice to know it’s available. Could never do that in a live class! (Can you imagine? “Okay, everyone just stop. Just stay really still and quiet until I get back from the bathroom, okay?”)
  • The first video I did, there was a little pep talk from Kalyn afterward. It was all about how making mistakes is a good thing. After Isabella got home from school, I helped her through the workout and she also loved the little pep talk at the end! She even said to me, “That’s something I need to work on.” It’s a huge realization for her.
  • My kids and I can do it together when they get home from school! I love this. We don’t have to work around their busy schedules. If they want to try barre with me, we can just pop a video on and do it. Isabella is particularly interested because she heard it can help strengthen her and increase her stamina for hockey.

So there you go, the reasons I love that there is a streaming service for barre. If you have a wacky schedule like mine, I recommend it. Or if you just want to add something to your workout classes, I also recommend it.

This is their website, if you wanted to check it out:

Again, this isn’t a sponsored post in any way. I just got really excited about working out since my break and wanted to share!




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