I Hate Cleaning, But I Hate Dirty: A Mother’s Conundrum.

I hate cleaning in spurts. Instead, I put it off and do it all at once. Maybe it’s just that I hate cleaning in general, so I’m trying to avoid it? All the blogs and the older generation tell me to clean a little at a time- just keep up with it so it doesn’t overwhelm you! I agree. That makes perfect sense. So why don’t I do that?

Let me clarify something: I’m not dirty. My Type A personality makes it necessary for me to tidy every night and I am constantly wiping counters and sweeping. But the big cleaning jobs? I put them off.

I am the worst offender with changing the sheets. I HATE changing the sheets! Why? I have no clue. It’s such an easy task. Dishes are also one of the worst jobs, in my opinion. Fortunately, my husband doesn’t mind dishes! So he keeps on top of those, for the most part. The natural balance we often achieve makes me feel very lucky.

My clean living room makes me happy. But cleaning it makes me cringe. www.babblingpanda.com
My pink and blue living room.

Okay, you’re thinking, you have older kids- why not get them more involved? We have a chore chart but I’m terrible at getting them to do something every day. And when I do get them involved? It requires so much supervision and time that I have to make sure I’m not busy making dinner or something. Plus, I have to mentally schedule twice as much time for it. If the kids are involved, it’s in a big weekend clean that we are doing together.

I should be cleaning around them more. Modeling behaviour. Saying, look kids! This is how it’s done. I do want them to be independent someday and not reliant on super clean roommates or spouses. I do.

But here’s the thing.

When I clean, I like to blast music and do it alone. I get so few moments of alone time that I use it as me-time. Since I am not a huge fan of cleaning (except I do love the results), that sounds a little effed up, I know. It’s just that I get so few moments to myself, that there is something therapeutic about blasting hip-hop or punk music and scrubbing things to sparkling.

I’m (surprisingly) looking forward to this week’s deep-clean. My stereo stands at the ready.




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